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  • Anthony F Bonner Sr

    03/18/2013 01:31 AM

    Why doesn't anyone on FOX ask about the 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo and 2000 armour plated personnell carriers ordered by Homeland Security?

  • Nath Williams

    03/15/2013 08:09 AM

    Dear Mike,
    I'm sorry but I don't owne any oil that will go through the Keystone Pipeline if it is built. I don't own any oil wells that produce oil for a pipeline and I get no money for the oil. How will a pipe line that will pump oil onto ships to sell to other countries benfit me? I have read in the mews that it will help the United States be more oil independent. It seems that the oil companies want the american people to pay for a pipe line that will make them more money. If the oil stays home then that is something else but we know that isn't going to happen.

  • Pearl Sanchez

    03/08/2013 08:22 PM

    Why would you include the name of former NM Gov. Bill Richardson in the list of governors that could be of assitance in our country's huge debt? Aren't you aware of the messes and debts he created for our state? A few of the issues include that he raided the state's permament fund, was involved in play for pay schemes using the teacher retirement fund, and he purchased a luxurey jet when the state already had several for the governors use. Thankfully our current governor, Susanna Martinez has balanced the budget, sold the jet, and fired the several excess chefs he had at the governors residence. All of
    this informations is availa-
    ble on google search.
    Thank you for the excellent program you provide.

  • June Lawrence

    03/08/2013 07:42 PM

    Hi Mike, I enjoy your show and your online facebook commentaries. I'm not very political to speak of. My skins just not tough enough but today I got angry and so today, I wrote a commentary of my own.
    From todays online headline: "Secret Service says it doesn't have the resources to keep the People's House open to the public..." The news is that starting this weekend, all White House Tours will cease. Perhaps the signs at the gate entrance will read: PRIVATE PROPERTY ~ KEEP OUT ~ NO TRESSPASSING. Lately I'm not feeling so much like "We The People" . Over and over political games get played to promote agendas which, to my way of thinking, will only tear down America and undermine our future. Underhanded games get played for the purpose of driving home a point and America is left to lick its own wounds and to do so in the public limelight of enemy nations who wish nothing more for us than to see us collapse from within. To think ~ Today, "We The People" have lost touring rights to our own house. What was the thinking behind this decision. Has the White House now become a Palace? I ask myself ~ Could the head of the White House household, have made any attempt to make a wiser choice in cuts? This bears repeating...Could the head of the White House household make any attempt to make a wiser choice in cuts? Could some government expenditure that is frivolous, ridiculous and totally wasteful (and there are more than enough of those) have been cut instead of these historical and patriotic tours being ended due to a lack of funding for security. I think not, that is ~ not when you're trying to drive a point home in the most public and in-your-face fashion availed to you. What control. What blatant mis-use of power and what shock value. If ever there was a game being played WITH the American people and ON the American people, This Is It.
    Perhaps President Obama has promised the American people a more transparent White House, but with the gates locked and the drapes drawn I don't believe that we'll ever get to see it.

    Thanks Mike and may God richly bless you and your family. Sincerely, June Lawrence

  • Karen Porciello

    03/08/2013 02:59 PM

    I love your show and watch it faithfully but I was a little disheartened when you kept saying that there will be little affect on the government if the sequestration happens. What you did not mention was that every government employee has received a letter stating that we will be furloughed one to two days a pay period. To many of us, this can be devastating financially. And to make matters worse, is that we have heard that Congress will be exempt!

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