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  • Gayl Curry

    03/02/2013 10:15 PM

    Me and My father of World War II are wanting to find out why is it that we the people of United States cannot in peach this president. Why aren't the Republican and conversative not asking to in peach this president. We really like your show. You are one in a million and very humble man.Thank you all you do for our Country. Gayl and Jess,Canutillo

  • Elaine I Garcia

    02/18/2013 11:51 AM

    I read an e-meil that said thzt a Christain church had collected money to donate to WWP and that WWP said they could not accept their donation could you check on that and let me know if there is any truth to that

  • Gwen Davis

    02/14/2013 08:10 AM

    It's obvious Senator Rubio's response to State of the Union address was effective.
    The substance of his speach cannot not be attacted so "they" attack his thirst.

  • Jasmine

    02/08/2013 09:07 PM

    I enjoyed the commentary on the Feb. 2nd show about African Americans and voting conservative. Larry Elder spoke wonderfully about of the things that the Republican party can offer to blacks. It is unfortunate the conservatives have bad standing in the African American community. As a young woman of color who is becoming more and more conservative, I see how things within the black community could improve tremendously if conservative (and Christian) values were applied to our lives. I enjoy the show very much and make it a part of my routine on Saturday nights to watch for insightful, honest, and Christian opinions on things.

  • Arley Pentico

    02/08/2013 02:50 PM

    Mr. Huckabee

    I conceder myself to be a independent conservative, agreeing with the Tea Party principles. I set my day to listen to The Mike Huckabee Show KROC 1340 Rochester, MN. I have not taken any journalism Course but I do know what I like in journalism.

    In the news cycle there is a news event, there need to be four components to this cycle. The Event, The Reporting of the event, Commentary on the Event and comedian who make fun of the Event.
    •The Event, something happens in the world.
    •The reporting of the Event, This is done by a newscaster within their short times span.
    •The commentary, comment on the Event and expand on the Event with, items that further clarifies the Event.
    •Comedian, make fun of the Event or person in the event.

    I really like your views, honesty, and your Professionalism in commentary, but I feel that your commentary in the first hour of your programs on Feb. 8th 2013, cross the line between commentary and comedian was a little out of line with the Event. I understand that you have three hours to fill, does that justifies sacrificing your Professionalism. If your further clarification bring information on the event you should reveal its source, to make up event or fact, this crosses the line into being a comedian. Several commentaries have cross the line into being comedian, like Rachel Meadow, Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity who uses distortions, make up Events less important than it is. This is being a comedian!

    Again I really like your views, honesty, and your professionalism in commentary, I understand why you did what you did and it does take away your honesty, and professionalism. Keep on being a professional “commenter”.

    “An independent conservative in a liberal world!”

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