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  • Steve Brom

    05/18/2013 08:07 PM

    If it looks, talks, and walks like a duck, it is not a duck, just ask the White House. They just DUCK!!!
    Steve Brom
    Ulysses, KS

  • Steve Brom

    02/27/2013 01:06 AM

    The President will continue to "divide and conquer" at least until after the mid-term elections in hopes of getting people to hate the Republicans so much that they vote democrat at mid-term and gain control of the house, senate and presidency for the last 2 years of the present term. Heaven help this nation.

  • Marlene McVerry

    02/24/2013 09:13 PM

    A continuation.

    backed by first rate service and, I am sure we can still reach the global market.

  • John A Monfrey

    02/11/2013 06:48 PM

    Thank you for your comments about abortion. I pray for a change in the hearts of Americans and our laws.

  • Kathryn Stoneking

    02/03/2013 06:34 PM

    Dear Governor,
    The more I hear about the gun debate, I hear very little about the comments made by the lady whose parents were killed in a restaurant that was a no-gun zone. I had never given a thought (until she said it) that that could be an invitation to anyone who wanted to commit mass murder. He/she is not going to obey the sign but all who have guns legally will. It will make them sitting ducks.
    I think all businesses should rethink the wisdom of posting this sign.

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