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  • Frank M Wigginton

    03/14/2012 04:05 PM

    Mr Huckabee; If someone does not get the message to the voting conservative then we will set up for mr obama 2nd term which he will use to finish off the Mighty United States which he has gotten a pretty good start on already. Mister Santorum cannot competer with mr obama in a one on debate. If romney gets the nomination he will be debunked as just another rich politician and the liberal, socialist,young people and the college community will put obama back in to finish their agenda.Newt is the only one who can really compete with The President and he has so many enemies from Romney that if people don't become informed WE WILL LOSE this election.

  • Jeff Madison

    01/31/2012 02:32 AM

    ALERT! VOTER BEWARE!!! 1/30/11

    Mitt O’ Romney said on the Sean Hannity show that he will not repeal Obama care. Instead he will issue an executive order that allows States to have waivers!!!!!!!! Again ALERT: Mitt O’ Romney is not going to repeal Obama care: ALERT!!!!!

  • Tony Cook

    01/24/2012 03:24 PM

    Can someone tell me the site for the houses for veterans, bc I'm in desperate need to find one

  • wendell rosenbalm

    01/14/2012 09:29 PM

    Jan 14th 2012 show with the (R)Presendital candiates was
    Thank You!

  • Pastor Jimmy Casdorph

    01/14/2012 12:46 AM

    5 reasons That Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl
    1. It's Not About Him
    Tim Tebow would tell you that himself. In
    Fact he has given God credit all along for
    everything he has done.
    2. He Was Made For This
    Tebow has been blessed with
    Unmistakeable talent and raised right.
    Some people sing or play an instrument
    but Tebow plays football to glorify the Lord
    3. This Type of Thing Has Happened Before
    This is your typical David vs Goliath story.
    Who was the real underdog? Goliath
    because David had God with him. Tebow
    Takes God with him. Maybe he'll be facing
    The Giants!
    4. It Defies Conventional Wisdom
    God has always worked in unconventional
    ways. Tim Tebow is an unconventional
    QB who doesn't seem likely to come out
    on top but that's how God gets the credit
    5. This Whole Thing Glorifies The Lord
    God blesses those who work for him.
    This has captivated the nation and brought
    Christianity into the spotlight. Everyone is
    talking about it and thats why I believe it
    Will continue all the way into the Super

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