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  • Rev. Thomas J. Mohn

    09/01/2014 08:02 AM

    Gov. Huckabee; "Good morning Brother Pilgrim" is available on Amazon as a paperback or E-book. It will encourage you. The first section is autobiographical while the Appendix contains some real insights, i.e "the power of the well-placed lie" and "The Keeper and the Kept" Give it a look!

  • Richard P Gauthier

    08/31/2014 03:57 AM

    i have children in the military and i worry about their safety with this president.
    worse than that i think the future that we leave for our children and grand children
    is facing same situation at Sodom and Gamora in the Bible. We need to bring God back into the country and our way of life thank you

  • Jan Burmeister

    08/30/2014 03:15 PM

    If you have not heard of Oregon’s Interagency Deadly Force Investigation Team (IDFIT), their operation goes a long way in explaining just what may actually have happened in St. Louis on August 9: (written summary) (video version)

    This Team may make great interviews as proceedings against Officer Darren Wilson unfold.

    Jan Burmeister
    St. Louis

  • william d. cain

    08/29/2014 04:17 PM

    Mike, Do your buddy Mitt a favor. Tell him the word never got out last time that he believes Jesus and Satan are brothers. I think Ted will be willing to confront him with it.
    Don Cain
    Orlando, FL

  • Maria Elena Arias

    08/29/2014 03:57 PM

    I am so disappointed with your comment to conservatives to stop fighting Common Core. As a minister you should know that education of children belongs to the parents. How can you advocate for government controlled education and tell parents to do the same? To knowingly submit their children to godless, radical takeover of education. You are dead wrong!

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