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  • RITA

    09/29/2014 12:18 AM

    Huck show9/29/14/ it was in Bad taste! to say it was good news about Mr.Holder, and things you always say about our president! you racist red neck white trash son of a bitch! thats how you raised your kids? and ugly grand baby!

  • Rev. Thomas J. Mohn

    09/13/2014 09:47 AM

    Gov. Huckabee; I hope by now you have purchased "Good Morning Brother Pilgrim" as it will be an encouragement to you. I would suggest especially some of the "Appendix" topics: "The Keeper and the Kept", "The well-Placed Lie". The first section is about "Selma" my theological education and finally conversion. Looking forward to Oct in Tulsa with Terry Law. Blessings from an "old geezer" .

  • George Cooper

    08/06/2014 03:52 PM

    You talk like a conservative, but you cannot be and endorse Lamar Alexander.
    In his home area he is viewed as supporting the present administration, very liberal.

  • Paul Peter Dries

    08/03/2014 11:24 PM

    I,Paul Dries,in Janesville, Wisconsin, one hundred percent agree with Mike Huckabee's comments on the war in the middle east between Hamas and Isreal. I listened this evening to his comments on the Mike Huckabee show on the Fox News Channel on the Charter Television Network here in Janesville, Wisconsin.

  • susan silver

    08/03/2014 08:41 PM

    thank you for your unwavering support of Israel. You do not accept the lies and bs. As Jewish American I salute you.(and I'm a democrat)

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