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  • Tony Boulton

    09/27/2013 06:16 PM

    Governor, in the last couple of days, activists and the media have been going to town because of remarks made by the head of Barilla, the world's largest pasta maker. When asked would he feature gays in his advertising he said no and explained why in a reasonable way. Now the media are turning up the heat on the pasta pot to satisfy the desires of activists, calling for a boycott. This is Chick-fil-a all over again. Very soon all businesses will be threatened if they don't conform to the world view. Please speak up for those of us who believe that Barilla have every right to choose how they advertise their products. Thank you.

  • Ronald C. Pennington

    08/10/2013 09:55 PM

    Mr. Huckabee:
    I'm an 80 yr old veteran(a draftee of the cold war) I've been a voting Republican for some 30 yrs. I do not know what has happended to the party,it's not the same one I origanially joined. I listen to Mr. O'bama in all his accusations and do not hear one word from any Republican, where is the backbone of this party? What happened to the Knute Gingriches he may have screwed up but at least he told it how it was and didn't soft soap any thing.
    This person who's setting in my President's chair has formed a dictator ship and no one seems to care. Any Republican would have been impeached long before now if they had done the same things. I listen to you and Bill O'Riley and others and y'all are preaching to the choir, the Republican Party had better get off its tail and start screaming and hollering. our last two candidates were good people and that's the trouble they were too good and didn't want to hurt anyones feelings, well they best change we better dig someone up that doesn't mind calling a spade a damn shovel. I live in San Angelo,Tx and am 80yrs old so I won't have to put up with this very many more years but my kids, grandkids and great grandkids will.

    Ronald C. Pennington

  • Jane Abel

    08/04/2013 08:39 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, I was looking forward to a guest that I was lead to believe would be on your show, but did not appear. Dr. Michael Youssef. Was I in error? Love your show. Keep standing up for our Lord and our constitution. Sincerely appreciative, Jane

  • Harrison Hoadley

    08/02/2013 11:45 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I'm still wondering why no one has gone after the IRS for a hate crime. After all they did go after Christian groups along with conservative groups Hate crime laws do include religion groups also.

  • Brian D

    08/02/2013 09:08 PM

    Hey, I really dug your segment on the growing police state. I fundamentally and vehemently disagree with many of your thoughts and opinions (being a gay American and being told that I should have to settle for second-class status probably has a lot to do with that), but I sincerely appreciate and applaud that you have shined the spotlight on the alarming growth of the police state in this country. Sure, I'd like to be able to marry my partner, but marriage for anyone is useless if we have to live under the Orwellian police state we are heading towards. So thank you for drawing attention to a topic that almost no other media talking head is willing to cover.

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