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  • Ron Cusano

    10/10/2014 03:25 PM

    I believe that the abortion issue and same-sex issue are both signs of society quickly going down the slippery slope into the abyss morally and spiritually, and will continue to do so until Jesus returns. I feel certain that the things Jesus spoke about in Matt. 24 are taking place as we speak. We need to be about the Fathers business while we still have time.

  • julesd galicki

    08/10/2014 03:10 AM

    What this world needs is for the pope and all the christens to declare a holy war against the muslims,
    You can bet your everything that if 500 million christens are out to kill them, the terrorists would stop all there killing and never start trouble again!

  • Ken Dolney

    08/09/2014 08:27 PM

    Today Pres. Obama smugly stated that "ISIS is moving faster than anyone has thought," when they are not. He perceives their speed, because for a world leader, he is simply moving a heckuva lot slower than anyone could have possibly imagined. A good name for his lame response should be "Operation Cheek Slap."

  • Raleigh Johnson

    08/09/2014 02:06 PM

    Mike, in reading through the comments it appears that some commenters genuinely expect you to be monolithic with regard to their own beliefs and agendas, as though you as a republican can have no diversity of opinion separate from theirs. The cookie mold republicans can't tolerate eating a little short bread occasionally, and perhaps that's why they are in danger of starvation in 2016.

    Both republicans and democrats must learn that it is one thing to exaggerate in jest, and quite another to present it as fact, as the consequence of loss credibility can be monumental when the truth finally surfaces.

    Raleigh Johnson

  • Daryl Duhamel

    08/08/2014 09:36 PM

    Dear Governor;
    Please, will when someone with wide audience influence begin the exposure of the "Palestinian" myth. Even Arafat admitted about 1970 that there is no Palestine. There are many historical records telling how Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Israel to Palestine - attempting to obliterate the Jews from memory. Possibly the most succinct is Ha's Myth - the Invention of Palestine.
    I hope this makes a live link and I also hope you will read it Governor and speak out.
    Yours truly,

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