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  • Mi Turn

    08/31/2014 05:29 PM

    Mike Huckabee WAKE UP you asked what business are being Choke Pointed.....
    Here is the list of businesses.....
    Here is the list of banks............

    I am a senior and in can find it... online...

  • Bob Gannett

    10/03/2013 05:11 PM

    In one of your great shows you gave a list of all the verbal lies from our President. How can I get a DVD that contains the contents of that great show so that I can pass it on to other family members around this country.

  • William R. Chestnut

    09/09/2013 11:19 AM

    As a Viet Nam veteran and an old Kansas Clocksmith I truly have to wonder what is the real motive for trying to pull us into Syria. Most of those folks in that region want to see us dead. Lets get out and stay for a while and see what or who floats to the top. Meanwhile our military can regroup and rebuild while our country addresses the real threats and issues that threaten us like drugs, street violence, lack of good jobs,immigration, no energy policy, and crushing national debt.

  • marc

    09/08/2013 06:21 PM

    Under the Obama administration we have seen:

    Capitalism attacked
    Healthcare destroyed
    Public education controlled
    Immigration ignored
    Gay people given "more rights"
    Abortion protected
    States sued
    Division among people and between the federal and state governments
    Racism revived
    Media flourish

    This is but to name a few...

    The Obama administration has destroyed more things in his administration than ever before!!! It's a very sad time in America.

    The Chief of Staff (and all the machinery that goes with it) needs to come out of the shadows. Mr. Obama is the voice of the Chief of Staff and his team. It is time to shed some light on the Chief of Staff and have him exposed!!!

  • Warren Bowen

    09/07/2013 09:59 PM

    What's going on in Syria makes me think of two guys that really hate you so they start arguing over which one gets to kill you. Their argument develops into an out and out knife fight. So you think one would step in the middle of this fight in an attempt to stop it so that there are still two that hate you? Let one kill the other. At least then you only have to face the one left.

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