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  • Sharon Barrick

    04/14/2013 09:56 AM

    Huckabee's Mar 31st 'Easter special' the best of the best of Huckabee; hope you'll post it to YOUTUBE!!!! Let us know~
    Blessings, Sharon B.

  • Danny Velderrain

    04/08/2013 10:46 AM

    Why Is It they just don't cut right to the chase and say anyone in the commission of a crime using a firearm pays the Ultimate price??? Lets face It the reason they use a firearm is to take a life if they feel its Necessary. What's wrong with this law????????

  • Anna M. Fernandez

    04/07/2013 09:04 PM


    Relaxing borrowing for qualified home borrower's is not going back in time to what caused the housing bubble. What caused the bubble was No Income qualifying, (a.k.a., Liar Loans). For the first time I'm seeing selective memory coming out of Fox. Let's not also forget the adjustable interest rate's that people counted on remaining low that reset. Right now, the only one who can get a loan is someone with 20% dn. Well, if you haven't noticed, we're being taxed to death, gas price's are high, food price's force us to choose between milk and bread and Obamacare is just around the corner. Save Money? HA. 10% dn. would help a lot and is more attainable for the average home buyer. If I can qualify for the home loan, why shouldn't I be able to buy a home. If my credit has a blemish on it, have paid my bills, why do I have to have perfect credit. Right now not even sellers will look at someone who has to get a loan and will hold out for a cash buyer instead because banks will pick us to death for every detail and then back out of the loan. Seller's don't want to deal with that because it can take as long as 45 days before they say no. So who are buyer's who need loans competing with? Japanese cash buyer's, now we're selling our country one home at a time to people in other country's. Great. Yes, banks do have to relax the lending standards. Not to people who can't afford the loan, but if they're gainfully employed, can qualify for the loan and can afford it, it's not the same as before and it upsets me that that's how Fox wants to package this. Gretta did the same thing the other nitht and I'm ticked off about it. I've put in 12 offer's in the last year and because I have to get a loan to purchase, I don't even get considered by the seller. Now housing price's are almost out of reach for me, again. I think a 620 or above FICO is fair, 10% dn, is fair, as long as I qualify, why should you care?

  • Nellie Hawkinson

    04/07/2013 12:50 AM

    I love your show Mike/on TV and the principles on it every week and so hoped you would have won the presidency. The gentleman that was on last week (March 30th, I think) named Francis. God used him to help me to be obedient in something in my life. He blessed me so much. How can I hear that broadcast again on Huckabee on Fox? What was his name and can I find anything about him on the net? Thank you so much for trusting Jesus.

  • Sherry Bradbury

    04/06/2013 08:27 AM

    Thank you for coming to New Bern, NC, to do your show. It was extremely interesting, informative, and fun. Especially thank you for agreeing to have your picture taken with us...the two ladies from the Craven County Republican Women's Club. We so appreciate it. Come back to New Bern anytime! Our club would be honored to have you attend one of our meetings! God Bless You and Your Family.

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