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  • Ricky Propper

    05/13/2013 11:54 AM

    I listened to your bold prediction that the President would not fulfill his remaining term. But even if he is impeached, the trial will be in the senate which is controlled by the democrats. We will wind up with another Bill Clinton situation and even if there was a conviction we get stuck with Biden. Which is worse? Your thoughts?

  • Marilyn Walker

    05/10/2013 12:03 PM

    This might not be for you, since you might run for president, but perhaps you know someone. Anyway, What about starting an organization to remove people from both public offices and also bureaucrats who are not doing what "the People" want. I was reading a Star-Telegram article today about wild horses being auctioned. If the government officials want remove bureaucrats, then we the people should have the option to remove them. Also politicians that don't do right after they get elected. An impeachment organization might keep these people in line. Just a thought. Thanks for you good work and please keep it up. Marilyn*

  • Margaret A Dunn

    05/09/2013 05:45 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, I have been a long time listener and viewer of several of the Fox News Shows. Please thank everyone for giving their best. People across the world appreciate it, no matter what pollsters say. I know because we lived in Amsterdam and have friends all over the world. They watch and listen to your shows. I have two things to share: Yes people here in Orlando do care about Benghazi, folks are watching closely to see if Hillary admits making a poor decision, or if like her famous husband, who to this day perjured himself and cannot practice law because of it, will act in a defensive way. I wish she knew the power of genuine humility. Secondly, yes Orlando cares about Gosnell, and his murder trial. Clearly, even if you were pro choice, this has gone too far, and is a sickeningly inhumane crime. And we were worried about water boarding 3 people! what about those 3 people. Thirdly, I hope that the FBI becomes more efficient at connecting the dots when it comes to similar acts of jihad terror. Over a month ago, here in Orlando at UCF, there was a serious near miss, having to do with a 30 year old man who was supposed to be removed from living in the dorms! He was a graduate student from Sri Lanka. He had been planning a mass killing of some sort. He had plenty of serious gun power and ammunition. He also was reported as having an IED with him as well. He threatened his room mate and pulled the fire alarm in hopes of killing the maximum number of people possible. UCF's fire dept. was too quick to respond and foiled his hope of having a crowd to kill. He killed himself instead. Some of these foiled plots seem very similar to the one in Boston. I also lived in Amsterdam when the children in a Russian school were being held hostage...eventually they were murdered. This was heavily covered in the European News at the time, do you remember this happening. I believe the perpetrators were extreme Islamic terrorists and they wore IED's which they detonated. Seems like they were from the same area of Eastern Europe as the two brothers in the Boston Situation. I am very appreciative of all the men and women who work for the FBI and CIA. I am surprised though that some of these connections from all the foiled plots are not being raised. I am a first time commenter, thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you know how much people everywhere; appreciate the Fact that Folks at Fox Frequently provide the Facts for us to ponder.

  • Joan Pickens

    05/07/2013 05:06 PM

    Thank you for your coverage of the Kermit Gosnell trial and the horrific acts that are being performed in abortion clinics. It's about time these innocent victims of violence are given a voice.

  • Grace Lundmark

    05/06/2013 06:46 PM

    We like your statement that Obama won't finish his 2nd term because of Benghazi. He gets by with his childish behavior because he thinks the majority of Americans aren't informed about the issues. We have this idea but don't know how to implement it: If every American who CARES about getting to the truth of Benghazi would just type the word 'Benghazi' onto their FB, Twitter, or other social media for a full 2 days, we could have a digital shout that we are concerned! Just one word, "Benghazi" - on our status.

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