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  • jeffrey thompson

    01/26/2013 08:22 PM

    Hi Mr Huckabee,
    You are the most level headed,,,genuine,,and good man that the American public could ask for as a public servant. I so wish you would try to run for president in our next election...You are exactly what this country needs...God Bless You!
    please consider running again,,,,this country needs you! Jeff

  • RP Hueth

    01/25/2013 03:17 PM

    Please look into the John Kerry facts about his military performance during his military time in service.
    Before he is confirmed as secretary of state.

    Check the website:

    You will see that he does not have his country first but him self.

    How would our national securiy be in the future with his lack of character and resolve.

    I was a company commander in the army, his performance would have been dealt with by UCMJ action if he was in my company at that time.

    Thank you for your assistance, the american people need to be reminded of his lack of performace in his military time at this time before he is voted on by congress.

  • Fredette Leda

    01/24/2013 01:41 PM

    My husband and I have been loyal fans of yours ever since I bought and read your book "DO the Right Thing". We were shocked when you played the song,Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy on your program. That song has everything to do with what we thought you were against. What happened to morality and family values? We are very disappointed. I hope you aren't letting producers pressure you into having guests that you don't approve of. I agree with another veiwers comment. You owe your fans an explanation and an apology.

  • Dale Delmege

    01/22/2013 08:39 PM


    Mary Agnes and Jennifer are a mother and daughter at a terrible moment in their relationship. As a result of an accident Jennifer had in her car six weeks ago, Mary Agnes now lies helpless in intensive care, on life support that may or may not be temporary. The doctor says even when she might gather the strength to be discharged, it will take many weeks at her extreme age, and even then she will still not be able to function on her own.
    Jennifer is an only child whose father passed away long ago. There is simply no one else in Jennifer’s family who can be counted on to care for Mary Agnes, who will almost certainly need round-the-clock care which could go on for years.
    Jennifer feels terrible. She has feelings of care and guilt, of course. But the fact is that when the accident occurred mother and daughter were at a point where they had had virtually no role in each other’s lives. Jennifer has a busy, active and stimulating life. Her career is just beginning to blossom with great promise from years of her hard work. Understandably, it seems so incredibly unfair that one accident could wipe it all out. Jennifer is asked if she would consider having Mary Agnes’ life support withdrawn. Please choose the advice you would give her.

    A. Everything that Jennifer has invested in the quality of her future is at risk, for something that was simply an accident. The truly humane decision for both lives is to let Mary Agnes go, and honor her memory.

    B. Accident or not, it’s Jennifer’s accident, not Mary Agnes’, and Mary Agnes shouldn’t pay the price. Jennifer needs to step up to responsibility, and do what she can, when she can.

  • Richard O. Werlein

    01/21/2013 02:57 PM

    RE your Sunday night's (1/20) Fox report, I can't find the link to your guest's GUN discussion.
    NEXT, the country needs to BALANCE THE BUDGET and LIMIT ALL elected office-holders to one or two terms in the same office;to serve with a very limited staff and then go home without a pension & benefits.
    ALSO democratize both Senate & House Rules so as to prohibit comm. chairmen & presiding officers from controlling discussion & voting on proposed laws.
    AND we need Representa- tives with the guts to move the House to file articles of impeachment against the President, officials, etc., who publicly say or imply they won't enforce their oaths to defend the Constitution & public laws.

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