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  • Bruce Robinson

    08/29/2014 09:35 AM

    Hey Mike, you need to run for president! Watch your show and I agree with most of your beliefs. We seem to have no leaders. I think you would make a great one. We need someone who can get things done not just give lip service! Sincerely, Bruce

  • Chuck Dickerson

    07/27/2014 01:35 AM

    Richard Dreyfuss was a complete dud of a guest. The question is, how did your producers not vet him properly? It could not hv been more obvious that he knew his liberal ideology would not stand up to your scrutiny so he decided on the route of being an ignoramus on the facts surrounding Israel's plight. OMG, how difficult can it be to vet a guest based on the past courage of their convictions?

  • Mel McDaniel

    07/23/2014 10:00 PM

    Governor, we all know how ‘global warming’ is being crammed down our throats just like “Obamacare” was. Back in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s there was a report on TV about how many trees that were used just to print one day of the Sunday, New York Times. The surprising answer was more than to two-hundred thousand trees. This did not include the other six days of the week, nor did it include the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Denver Post, USA Today nor all the other papers and magazines in America; it was just one Sunday of the NY Times.

    We all know that humans and animals breath in oxygen and emit carbon; trees do just the opposite. I remember when people were driving nails into trees making them harder to harvest and protesting the cutting of the trees.

    I’m not a tree hugger, but as we watch the fires burn thousands of square miles of trees and the cutting of trees for building houses and other structures and with farms vanishing at an alarming rate, where are we going to get enough oxygen for six billion people to breathe. The earth got about 20% of its oxygen from the Rain Forrest and about 25% from Russia’s Siberian region. That is only 45% of the earth’s total oxygen need. Since this report, Japan was sold a large chunk of the Rain Forrest. I think that the ‘left’ is completely ignoring the real carbon problem because most papers are ‘left’ leaning and instead they are going after coal and oil which would, “Necessarily cause electricity to skyrocket” according to Obama.

    When I go to Lowe’s or Home Depot for lumber most of it has “From Canada” stamped on it. China said that Obama could cut back on carbons all he wanted but that it would be business as usual in China. I think they now say that they will cut back which is probably propaganda. What happens when we harvest most of Canada’s forrest.

    They also showed a time-lapse video from space showing how carbon and oxygen change regions from the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere in summer and winter. During the winter in the northern hemisphere the oxygen would drop and carbon would rise because the trees would lose their leaves in the winter and the opposite would happen in the southern hemisphere. Each six month intervals show the oxygen would increase when the leaves were on the trees and that carbon would rise when the trees had shed their leaves. Scientists that are pushing ‘global warming’ are probably testing after the trees have shed their leaves.

    I don’t know how things are in your region, but in my region they used to have places where you could recycle items such as paper and even get paid for tin cans. Now we have a recycle center but you have to pay them to recycle your items. Who is going to pay them to recycle your items when we can throw them into the trash for free?

    We need to recycle more paper, plant more leafy trees which would absorb more carbon and produce more oxygen than stopping coal and oil causing our ‘electricity to skyrocket’. They can also make fuel out of garbage which would stop most of the landfills instead of using corn which harms auto engines and cause grocery prices to rise and it does nothing to help the atmosphere.

  • Paul R. Bedard

    07/22/2014 12:21 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I along with most Americans are fed up and disgusted with the inaction of congress and most of the media! When the hell are you people going to stop talking and do something to save our country? How many more scandals are required to wake you people up? Will you along with all your media cohorts on Fox pick a date for a massive rally/demonstration to ask millions of Americans to converge on Washington D.C. and stay there until this corrupt lawless communist regime is removed! We are on the brink of losing our country! All of you anchors please put your country before your mega million dollar salaries! If not, it's just a matter of time before the communist will remove you and you won't have a job!

    Best wishes and God bless!
    Paul Bedard

  • Raleigh Johnson

    07/20/2014 09:47 PM

    Mike, the question was asked "What should President Obama be doing with regard to the downed Maylasia Flight"? The answer: Just what he is presently doing, assessing Russia's envolvement in this tragedy so that measured and appropriate consequences can follow based on culpability.
    Notice, a rush to judgement by Fox News Host led to the false statement that as many as 23 American passengers was aboard the downed aircraft, when in the final analysis there was only one found and with dual citizenship.
    It is written: "He that answers a matter before he fully hears it, it is folly and shame unto him". Proverbs:18;13. We have yet to hear the perpetrator correct that debunked assertion.
    Oftentimes impure motives drives the engines that causes truth to take a back seat to deception and in this case ramping up the fringe base is possibly the impure motive.

    We as a nation have time to deliver a response. It's not as though Russia will vacate their geographical location and fly off to Venus. Although, if they did, it would be a blessing to have a few Fox News Host accompany them (one way only). LOL.
    Notice, how long U.S. delayed decisive military action against Japan (A-Bomb), after 2,300 U.S. military personel were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Was the delayed action any less effective?

    This is the very reason why we need cool heads in positions of authority in Washington rather than reationary military leaders like John McCain and political opportunist like slick Dick Cheney.

    Raleigh Johnson

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