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  • Paul R. Bedard

    07/22/2014 12:21 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I along with most Americans are fed up and disgusted with the inaction of congress and most of the media! When the hell are you people going to stop talking and do something to save our country? How many more scandals are required to wake you people up? Will you along with all your media cohorts on Fox pick a date for a massive rally/demonstration to ask millions of Americans to converge on Washington D.C. and stay there until this corrupt lawless communist regime is removed! We are on the brink of losing our country! All of you anchors please put your country before your mega million dollar salaries! If not, it's just a matter of time before the communist will remove you and you won't have a job!

    Best wishes and God bless!
    Paul Bedard

  • Raleigh Johnson

    07/20/2014 09:47 PM

    Mike, the question was asked "What should President Obama be doing with regard to the downed Maylasia Flight"? The answer: Just what he is presently doing, assessing Russia's envolvement in this tragedy so that measured and appropriate consequences can follow based on culpability.
    Notice, a rush to judgement by Fox News Host led to the false statement that as many as 23 American passengers was aboard the downed aircraft, when in the final analysis there was only one found and with dual citizenship.
    It is written: "He that answers a matter before he fully hears it, it is folly and shame unto him". Proverbs:18;13. We have yet to hear the perpetrator correct that debunked assertion.
    Oftentimes impure motives drives the engines that causes truth to take a back seat to deception and in this case ramping up the fringe base is possibly the impure motive.

    We as a nation have time to deliver a response. It's not as though Russia will vacate their geographical location and fly off to Venus. Although, if they did, it would be a blessing to have a few Fox News Host accompany them (one way only). LOL.
    Notice, how long U.S. delayed decisive military action against Japan (A-Bomb), after 2,300 U.S. military personel were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Was the delayed action any less effective?

    This is the very reason why we need cool heads in positions of authority in Washington rather than reationary military leaders like John McCain and political opportunist like slick Dick Cheney.

    Raleigh Johnson

  • Dorothy Stambouly

    07/19/2014 09:14 PM

    Love your show Mike. You always have the current important news. ISRAEL, RUSSIA, OBAMCARE NIGHTMARE & many important issues. Hope you run for President. Your audience seem to love you and I think you might have a good chance of winning. Thanks Mike.

  • Jimmy Bailey

    07/19/2014 07:28 PM

    Dear Mike Huckabee,
    I am a 76 1/2 year old gentleman and before my late wife passed away in 1987, we both had Medicare which I appreciated and had only praise for.
    Met my present wife and we married in 1988 and she put me on her insurance where she worked so it was my PRIMARY HEALTHCARE INSURANCE provider while my medicare was not my primary healthcare insurance provider, mine paid NOTHING or little if any at all.
    So I think it was about February, 2007 I got tired of paying extra into Medicare as my wife's company insurance was doing it and I needed the extra pay so I quit Medicare thus saving taxpayer dollars and all was just fine until May 2007 when my wife's job was exported to Mexico for cheap unexperienced labor.
    Because of that all the company's employees was able to keep their insurance plans excepting that FAMILY MEMBERS which were previously covered was now DROPPED from company sponsored insurance coverage. This caused me to lose my insurance coverage and I joined the ranks of the "Un-Insured".
    So, I never renewed my Medicare until February 2014 this year. When I applied for Medicare at the Social Security Office at Batesville, I was told that Medicare is not part of Obamacare.
    A week later I called the Social Security office to discuss Medicare and spoke with a very nice woman who said what I had been told earlier was accurate. Later when I received a notice from the social security office located in Kansas City, Missouri, I was notified that I would have to pay a penalty for being late. This notice indicated I only had to pay $104.90 a month but the notice also stated I have to pay late charges including $187.30 payments per month!
    So, this is because of Obamacare and as you know all the laws that Barack Obama has passed on his own are ILLEGAL LAWS as it was never approved by the Senate or Congress, as it says in the U.S. Constitution. I have a copy of all the laws in the U.S. Constitution I received from the Tea Party chapter I associate with. I voted and got those at Independence County, Arkansas elected in 2010 and with Tea Party chapters in all 50 states I feel every Republican in our Government would ENFORCE the laws in the U.S. Constitution.
    I am hoping that you can help me to NOT have to pay this penalty to Medicare. It is an ILLEGAL LAW because it was NEVER APPROVED by the Congress or Senate.
    P.S. I do not have a computer or internet, just a typewriter and a friend who has a computer that can make this into a message and e-mail for me. Also at this time, I would like to ask if you can e-mail those copies I sent you regarding Texas attorney Michael Connelly's efforts to remove Obama from Office lawfully. If you no longer have those copies please tell me and I can send more to replace them in a 6 x 9 manilla envelope.
    Sincerely, Jimmy Bailey

  • Donald

    07/19/2014 08:25 AM

    Dear Mike,

    Please remember that Christians and Americans that do not speak up and do not vote have forgotten the immortal words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was a passionate Lutheran pastor who confronted Adolph Hitler.....

    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak.
    Not to act is to act............Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Keep standing tall for America!

    God Bless You,