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  • Nabil Gerges

    12/14/2013 09:11 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    I enjoyed your 12/14/2013 program covering the Jewish holocaust. I ask you to dedicate one of your shows about the new holocaust that is happening to the Christians in the Middle East and everywhere in the world.
    The Jewish holocaust happened with the intension of annihilating the Jews off the face of the Earth. Similarly, annihilation of the Christians is performed today by Moslems supported by Saudi Arabia petro dollars, and the support of our President Obama where he is turning a blind eye to the killing, slaughtering, maiming, torturing, terrorizing, etc. Christians. Number of Christians in the Middle East exceeds 50 MILLIONS, not just 6 million, where ONE person is too much.

  • Bernard A Fontaine

    10/25/2013 09:23 AM

    Governor Huckabee Just a short note from an old soldier who watches your show regularly. I take it that your goal is to inspire the public toward doing the "right action" (Aristotle) in their lives - especially as it pertains public responsibility.
    Yours is a common sense approach that is quite similar to that used by my wife of about 100 years. If someone there could take a look at "Mountain Tribulations" on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles I would appreciate it (especially the review on the back cover).
    Your consideration is appreciated
    Bernard A Fontaine

  • William Culp

    10/25/2013 06:26 AM

    Dear Govenor,
    I am a single retired 68 year old male. I worked 45 years and served in our military 6 years in the 1960's. I am getting S.S. benifits and was offened that you labeled SS as a "government handout" in one of your segements on TV.
    I feel I earned every penny of it and if the government would return what I paid in all those years at just 2% interest I would not need SS benifits any more. Your are a good man and I love your show BUT SS is not a "hand out" for everyone.

  • James R, Holcomb

    10/24/2013 04:34 PM

    Americans need to look first to the needs of ourselves. Lets begin with an effort to call all of us
    Americans, instead of Black,
    Asian,Mexicans or others.
    A continued division of people will only lead to a
    troubled and severe USA.
    James R. Holcomb, Stockton,Ca

  • Regina Reilly-Lydon

    10/21/2013 12:37 PM

    What I noticed most recently when I happened to see you as I clicked through the channels was that I never hear you address the RACISM that is endemic in your movement. Half of the reaction to Obama is racism and it is dishonest or racist to not address it. I guess you just want to "whitewash" that whole issue.

    You also seem to be oblivious (or joyful--praise the Lord!) that you are being used by corporate America to spread their agenda. Anyone who cares has noticed how the United States labor force has been disenfranchised by corporate executives who, along with the shareholders take the lion's share of the profits. They have systematically claimed a larger and larger share of the profits while employees' wages stay stagnant or are even lowered. Some refuse to hire full-time workers because they don't think their workers deserve to have a living wage and/or benefits so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor and spend quality time with their families. They also send their vast profits out of the country because they will go to any length to not pay their fair share. And if anyone says BOO about their obscene greed, they start throwing terms around like socialism and communism as a smokescreen. Like I hear you do!!!

    Another way they increase their profits at the expense of the people of this nation is to send most of our manufacturing and other jobs out of the country. During the hearings about lead in toys I heard the CEO of Mattel admit that they have no manufacturing plants in this country. Your party also wanted to abandon the U.S. auto industry. FYI it was Obama that ended the tax breaks for companies that send jobs out of the country.

    I also caught the part of your act where you disparage unions. I am a proud, hard-working union member and because of that I have to struggle a little less to make ends meet than some others in this economy.

    I could also mention how the U.S. treasury was looted during the Iraq war leaving us in an economic disaster, but I'm sure I don't have the heart to get into that right now.

    I am curious, do you really believe that your listeners don't deserve good paying jobs so that they aren't working two and three jobs and spending no time with their families? The greed, racism and hypocrisy that your position supports makes me doubt your sincerity--you definitely aren't the person I thought you were when I saw you on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report long ago. But hey, your career with Rupert Murdock is going so well that YOU aren't having any problems...

    I'll still say a prayer if I think of you but you know you really should read Matthew 20-24 and decide who you are actually going to follow. I probably won't be writing again.

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