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  • Peggy J. Dorman

    05/11/2014 03:21 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    I am a Christian by choice and a PROUD AMERICAN by birth.
    My Dad, My Husband and my Father-in-law were all Proud to be serving in our Military.
    My Dad received the Purple Heart and Silver Star. He and my Father-in-law were in the United States Army in World War II, stationed in France and Germany.
    My Husband was in the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam( the forgotten War).
    My Husband was a "sole surviving son of an only son", and his Dad,for that reason could have prevented him from going to War in Vietnam; but he didn't.My Husband was in the Marines for four years of active duty and two years of inactive duty.
    I was pregnant with our first child, a son when he left for Vietnam.
    We are the Proud parents of four handsome sons and six handsome Grandsons and four beautiful Granddaughters.
    This is Mother's Day May 11, 2014.
    I woke up this morning at 6:10 AM with this thought on my mind: "We have got to do something, to stop the government ( who are too big for their already big britches ) from taking away our FREEDOMS and the FREEDOMS of our Children and Grandchildren.
    Many of those in government now, lie, cheat and steal from the American Citizens/Taxpayers. They have no regard or give a "hoot" for human life. It's ALL about greed and politics.
    I am a retired Nurse who has devoted my working life to the elderly.
    I LOVE our Soldiers, our Veterans and our Country, America.
    It saddens my heart because of what our Country is becoming.
    Our Country was founded on Godly priciples. Our forefathers would "turn over in their graves if they knew what our Country has become."
    I am here for a purpose and maybe this is it! Who knows ?
    I cant sit back in my "rocking chair" and do nothing.
    I cant do everything ( as it's been said),but I can do something !
    I've SAID TO MYSELF," I DONT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN,but I just did!" I'm writing to you.
    Governor Huckabee, You are a Husband, a Dad and a Grandfather, a Christian Pastor and you have an informative show. THANK YOU-I LOVE IT AND SO DOES MY HUSBAND of almost 44 years.
    We, as Voting American Citizens have got to do something before this Country goes down any deeper in it's IMMORALITY of every kind !!!!!
    God put us here for such a time as this !!!!!
    Where do I sign up? What can I do to help in some capacity to "FIRE" the evil doers in iur Government ?
    We need LAW ABIDING peopke to work in our Government NOT greedy sin filled men and women who just don't care about the Citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!!!
    We are their BOSS, they are supposed to be working for us not the other way around.
    Our parents and Grandparents and spouses fought for the FREEDOMS of our Country and most have died and shouldn't have died in vain.
    We also signed up for the DREYFUS INITIATIVE !!!!!
    GOD BLESS YOU, GOVERNOR HUCKABEE FOR ALL THAT YOU DO TO HELP KEEP "we the peopke of the united states of america" informed.
    If you run for PRESIDENT in 2016, YOU HAVE OUR VOTE !!!!! WE TRUST YOU !!!!!
    William G. and Peggy J. Dorman

  • Mike Callahan

    05/11/2014 01:00 PM

    Gov Huckabee,
    I admire you and your programs very much. I usually agree with almost everything you say. However I do not agree with your position on Secretary Eric Shinseki. As a US Army and Viet Nam Veteran oF 45 years (i'm 67)i CAN TELL YOU THAT sEC sHINSECI HAS DONE MORE TO MODERNIZE THE va THAN ANYONE ELSE. hE IS ONE OF US. mY FATHER WAS A wwii VETERAN MY BROTHER IS A vIET nAM vET. wE know the va.sEC sHINSECI SHOULD STAY ON AS THE HEAD OF THE va. mOST OF HIS DETRACTORS HAVE NEVER SIIN OR FACED A BARAGE OF GREEN TRACERS COMING FOR YOUR HEAD. hE HAS AND PREVAILED. hE IS A GOOD MAN AND i SUPPORT HIS EFFORTS TO MANAGE THE va. tHANK YOU MIKE CALLAHAN

  • Harold Luna

    05/11/2014 06:29 AM

    love your show. like your comments very much. I really liked Richard Dreyfus comments on our constitution
    Keep up the good work. I think God has put you there for that purpose. To carry on HIS work

  • Ira "Jake" Jakob USAF (Ret)

    05/08/2014 09:16 PM

    Benghazi Gate will be much harder to unravel than Watergate. You have a useless scum in the Whitehouse pumping out big bucks to keep everything hidden and quiet, and he has millions of supporters, just because they think he's black, that will guard his useless ass!

    Ira "Jake" Jakob USAF (Ret)
    100% Disabled, Not Ready To Quit!

  • David H. Gilbert

    05/07/2014 12:05 PM

    Did you know that in New England the WalMart stores are asking for donations for the Boston Children's Hospital? Does the CEO of WalMart know what is going on in Boston Children's Hospital?

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