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  • madeline Bustillos

    05/26/2014 02:11 PM

    we have election day June 3 and i have got so many flyers on who to vote for,what is a person to do or where do we find honest representatives who don't lie about them selves or others that are running also.Is there a web sight one can go to any,info would be appreciated i'm sure that's a hard one but i do trust your knowledge of the way the system

  • Neva Farzar

    04/02/2014 03:05 PM

    On your show on 3/30 a book titled The Answers was shown. Can you help me find it? I did not hear the author's name and have not been able to find it.
    Neva Farzar

  • John Smart

    04/02/2014 12:33 AM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,

    We have contacted you before via Hal Butler, who I believe you know. If you want a story about Americas Immigration laws, please contact us. I can give you a story that you may not believe regarding US citizens being forced to leave the Country on the basis of their parents who are legal immigrants not being US citizens. My son is not allowed back into the USA until he is 21 years old and we were threatened with legal action for private schooling him in a Montana Christian school, he is a citizen of the USA. In the name of God, people need to know about this.

  • frank cruthers

    03/30/2014 11:55 PM

    Re; Sunday 3/30 show
    Comments on "student/athletes" at the most competitive level of intercollegiate sports are either incredibly naive or disingenuous. Nobody believes that Mr Huckabee is naive.
    Perhaps if the business of minor league sports run under the banners of universities was shut down, schools could get back to their primary purpose and professional sports would have to finance their own developmental programs.

  • Jerry D Gray

    03/30/2014 09:04 PM

    Hello Mike,

    I really enjoy your GodFruits daily newsletter. But it has stopped coming. What is wrong?

    Regards..... Jerry

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