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  • Gayle Johnson

    12/14/2012 04:46 PM

    People "get it" in sound bites. Why are we not hearing that cars kill but no one is calling for elimination of or tougher laws on owning cars.
    This is a simple
    way for people to understand the issue.

  • Sue Korlan

    12/13/2012 03:04 PM

    I listened to your show the other day attacking people who get government help as free loaders. At a job I worked from 2004-2010, I worked with many people who received govt. benefits. They still qualified when we worked 52 hour weeks twice a month because it was a minimum wage job. So don't complain that the person won't go out and get a job at McDonald's; it's very possible the person is working there or at some other minimum wage, high profit company.

  • Margaret Hall

    12/10/2012 08:45 PM

    Richard Marx, Congressman Randy Forbes, and Mr.Marsh brought up some good information.I pray we don't drop the investigation of the Benghazi attack. I am concerned about our National Security and of course this crisis we're in. I have read so much about Obama that I just cannot believe he is the leader we need for our country. The more I read about him, the worse it gets. We need a miracle. Gabby Douglas was an inspiration.
    The killing of the thirteen in Texas by the Hassan, the Muslim needs to be taken care of. It seems to me they are just giving in to him and our leader certainly favors them. MPH

  • james f brown

    12/09/2012 08:49 PM

    Before you jump off the clif,do your homework.Just maybe get some real acccountants and show just how much is comming in to be as operations capital,real income.THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN SPEND. our goverment has become too we must reduce spending, by either getting rid of one-half the people or cutting their pay by one-half.starting with you Mr.President,then congress,senat.

  • Robert Perry

    12/09/2012 08:28 PM


    A moment ago on your show I heard the gentleman steel manufacturer say that "Obama's" proposed taxes do not permit him to purchase the best equipment to properly compete. Equipment purchase for corporate or other business re-investment is typically a pre-tax expenses. This comment evicerates the basis of his complaint. Please consider your audience. The prospects for convincing your viewers of a valid argument go out the window with that kind of testimony.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Perry

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