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  • Monica Sanders

    08/25/2014 12:41 PM

    There are a lot of unnecessary shootings of unarmed people. Videos of a homeless man sleeping in a desert park. He pulled a knife at a great distance from anyone and just wanted to be left along. Instead of tazers (or leaving him there as he was harming no one) they shot him multiple times. They after a 3 car pile up, a man is standing next to a car (I think this was AZ), the cop enraged his car was smashed, began shooting this man, who was with his family in the car, was shot and tried to get back in the car after being hit with 2 bullets, then after 2 more shots, he died. Neither of these men were black. Another man was missing his front licence plate. Back from Iraq (or Afghanistan) he stopped for the police and they killed him. There was no apparent reason in the video tape. He left a wife and two kids. It's the militarization of police that is causing a lot of this and the permission to dispatch peaceful protestors in a executive order. The "elite" have plans to replace Americans with illegals because they can control them easier. Many of us know this.

  • Lyn Taylor

    08/24/2014 09:57 PM

    I cannot think of a single thing that the POTUS has done that has NOT sold out this nation. Can you?

  • Bob Hale

    08/23/2014 03:24 PM

    Hello Mike, I enjoy your show on Fox News very much. It is refreashing to see a man with your zeal and love for our Country. You need to run for President, I hope. I was a little disappointed with your segment on Detoit this last Sunday. There is so much deception in the world today and I know there will be more. As the Bible says, even the elect will be decieved. Your shot showing the reporter from Detroit, showed mainly the man talking, but there were 4 people in the back ground on the left hand side of the screen, just swinging hammers. They were not doing anything but making it look like they were building something. The picture was false and deceptive. You always tell the truth, for the sake of truth, show what is really going on. Love Ya in the Lord

  • Public Servant

    08/19/2014 12:29 AM


  • Rich WB

    08/18/2014 08:52 AM

    I am a recently retired Police Officer of 28 years. I believe that this incident in Missouri is unfortunate and sad that an unarmed person was shot and killed by police. However, In light of many of facts coming out, it is my belief that the officer will be exonerated and as well it will be proven to be a non-racially motivated event.

    I am speaking out because I am tired of always being second guessed and Monday morning quarterbacked by the public and media. It is my firm belief that the media is to blame for the riots and unrest in Missouri. As soon as they learned these two things, the suspect was African American and unarmed; there is an immediate rush to judgment or a determination by the media that it was a racially motivated event with a banner headline “White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Teen!” A little inflammatory!

    News media stations exist to get ratings and these ratings determine their bottom line. They all jump on the bandwagon to be the first to interview a so-called witness with false claims that inflame the situation and put a deeper racial spin on the event. The more salacious they make it the better, all done for the pursuit of ratings.

    No officer in his career wants to go through this type of situation, having shooting an unarmed person. Unfortunately, there are situations where it happens and it can be justified.

    For example, if you’re out weighed by one hundred pounds and fighting inside the door of your car with the suspect grabbing for your gun. The suspect is striking you repeatedly in the face. You’re fighting for your life to keep your gun. You know if he gets it you’re done. You also know there’s a second suspect. You know you’re out numbered and you don’t know where he is and don’t know what he’s going to do. Then the suspect disengages only because while fighting for your gun, it goes off.

    There are two suspects but now you know, you have to pursue. You’re tell them to stop, your gun is drawn, and suddenly the suspect you were fighting with turns, screaming at you and charging like a bull. You can’t believe it; you know if he gets to you you’re done! So, you to back up only to have him continue to charge and pursue you. You’re screaming at the top of your lungs “Stop, Stop, I’ll Shoot, Stop! In the back of you mind you’re so frightened and you say to yourself “Please God, make him Stop” You think what’s wrong with this guy and you realize “My God! I’m going to have to shoot, he’s not stopping and you think what if I’m wrong? What about my family?

    This all happens in milliseconds and you have to make a decision in millisecond and you make it because you were trained to make it and if you don’t make it you’re dead. Unfortunately, It’s a decision you knew you might have to make someday but you sure didn’t want to make today but unlike what others might think you were justified. Now, the court system will judge you. The media is already judging you and thanks to them the people that don’t know a thing about your job have made you the Villain. Some people listen to the media and rush to judgment.

    Meanwhile the Police Department has an officer involved shooting with an unarmed suspect. This investigation is intense. Much of the facts are held close because they don’t want to taint or inform other potential witnesses or suspects. Further, the Governor, the US Attorney General and the Justice Department are also weighing in. So, It has to be done right.

    Now, the media has to wait and unfortunately the media can’t wait or doesn’t want to wait. So, they make it up by second-guessing, and Monday morning quarterbacking and further sensationalizing a racial aspect to the event. They push even further by calling the suspect a “Victim”. Now, villainizing the officer and all police. Which gives rise to those who fell entitled to begin the unrest and riot.

    The business owners, who were looted and damaged by the rioting, should sue the media for “media malpractice”. You can’t tell me they don’t have responsibility. It’s negligent in the way they pursue an incident that has nothing to do with race and making it about race.

    Onto the “Militarization” of police, this is buzzword used by a media talking heads to sensationalize an event or events involving police use of force.

    I’m disappointed in you Governor Huckabee. You fell into the trap of using the same buzzword or phrase. It’s nothing more then sensationalization of the situation. Because a group of criminal individuals decide to take advantage of an unfortunate situation by rioting and throwing rocks, bottles, shooting at and throwing Molotov cocktails at police. While the police respond in riot gear and armored vehicles to deal with it. Doesn’t give the media the right to say that they are “Militarized”. Again, it’s a talking point by a talking head with an agenda.

    If you want to talk about the inappropriate use of SWAT or SERT that’s one thing but using the riot gear and equipment to quell a riot is another.

    Let me tell you about or remind of a few incidents throughout the United States. This may change you mind.

    1.) Portland Oregon, Officer Colleen Waibel January 27 1998

    Officers, along with other officers, had knocked on the front door and identified themselves but nobody answered. As they attempted to knock the door down, automatic gunfire erupted and Officer Waibel was struck above and below her vest and died on the scene. The second officer's vest was penetrated by the armor piercing rounds and she was transported to a local hospital in extremely critical condition and underwent several hours of surgery. A third officer was shot in the hand and wounded as he was returning fire in order to allow for the two wounded officers to be extracted. The suspect, who had been shot and wounded, exited the house approximately 2 1/2 hours later when several canisters of tear gas were launched. Prior to this, the only way to reach these officers was the use of an armored vehicle.

    2.) California, North Hollywood shootout. February 28, 1997

    Local patrol officers at the time were typically armed with their standard issue 9 mm or .38 Special pistols, with some having a 12-gauge shotgun available in their cars. Phillips and M?t?s?reanu carried illegally modified fully automatic Norinco Type 56 S-1s, a Bushmaster XM15 Dissipator, and a HK-91 rifle with high capacity drum magazines and ammunition capable of penetrating vehicles and police Kevlar vests. The bank robbers wore body armor, which successfully deflected bullets and shotgun shells fired by the responding patrolmen. SWAT eventually arrived bearing sufficient firepower, and they commandeered an armored truck to evacuate the wounded. Several officers also appropriated AR-15 rifles from a nearby firearms dealer. The incident sparked debate on the need for patrol officers to upgrade their capabilities in similar situations in the future.

    3) Colorado, Fremont Deputy and Fremont Officer Paralyzed September 28th, 2001

    The night began with a shot dog and ended with one sheriff's deputy dead, a Florence Police officer in critical condition and twin killers on the run through the mountains of Chaffee County. A manhunt ensued, and the killers eventually ended up with life sentences in the Department of Corrections.

    Joel and Michael Stovall, at the time both were 24, lead Fremont County law enforcement agents from a variety of agencies on a 60-mile high-speed chase and shootout.

    In all of these incidents high-powered semi-automatic rifles were used. These are weapons used by the military. There are countless cases just like these across the nation. What is Law enforcement to do? Take away everyone’s guns? I don’t think so. I think the 2nd amendment has something to say about that. Governors please tell me what is Law Enforcement supposed to do?