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    09/04/2014 09:56 AM

    I have sent a lot of money to you and others that you have recommended to me. I have faithfully done this, I am on a fixed income, and I DO NOT have much money. I felt if you people could get rid of Obama, the United States would NOT be in this DANGER. He IS A MUSLIM, NOT A CHRISTIAN !! He is going to help the MUSLIMS, NO MATTER WHAT !! We are as he said,"STUPID !". This is WHY he has done nothing to protect Americans. He wants ISIS and other MUSLIMS to take over the United States. The blacks will go right alone with him, because they are STUPID TOO !!
    This is WHY, I am NOT SENDING any more MONEY, unless, Obama is PUT OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE !! By the way, the White House IS NOT "WHITE" any more. It is BLACK NOW.
    Thanks and May GOD Bless !!

  • Ed Tucker

    09/03/2014 01:02 PM

    I have never, nor will I ever be "Politically Correct"...saying that here goes...
    I see my country, America, being torn apart by the seams. It's busting out with over population of people that might deserve to be here, however did it illegally, and should be rounded up and returned to their country of origin.
    I see my leaders do nothing on the surface to control the issues at hand, (go ahead pick any one of the multiple issues we face daily now). And do not for see any change. They are acting scared to stand up for what is right. They are unfortunately trying to be "PC".
    I hear and see in social medias across the land, people fed up and screaming to have something done. However, their wants seem to be only mumbles in the alleys of our towns and cities, never getting to main street and being heard. Why is that? They too are afraid of NOT being "PC" or seen as such. Is it that important to be that way?
    I can remember only 3 channels of TV, and the worst news was the death toll of the daily count of the Vietnam War. We NEVER heard of any attack on American soil, (The Cuban crisis was the closest at the time), and our President stood up and stared the potential threat square in the eyes and backed them down. Where is a President that like today? Playing golf more than being in office it seems.
    From what I can tell, a majority of the US Citizens want their country back. Why is something NOT being done? why can we not all pull together and stand strong, Fearing God and honoring Him since He did at one time bless this country. If we turn away from the evil among us, and turn our face back to God, we will see a difference in our country overnight.
    Stop trying to be "PC" and be "Godly". Fly our American Flag with pride, and if it offends someone, they can just turn away and don't look at it.
    Period. Find people to put in office that will stand strong for America. And that starts with you. Stand up for what you know is right. Think back to when you were a kid, and the values we shared as a country. Bring them back, and NOW!
    Take care and God bless one and all who read this.

  • Robert Wade

    09/01/2014 05:14 PM

    TD Bank is closing my business account, after 9 years, with no explanation. Since I do short term installment loans, I'm assuming that it's because of operation choke point.

    Thanks TD.

    Robert Wade

  • Nancy Greer

    08/31/2014 08:47 PM

    Are you aware of the battle that has been waged for the past few months concerning Market Basket grocery stores? Market Basket’s Greek tragedy: From start to finish


    New Hampshire Union Leader

    Ask yourselves how many people have suffered through such family drama resulting in rotting fish, stuffed giraffes, discarded eggs, picketing workers, boycotting customers, the involvement of two governors and enough twists and turns to fill a dozen John Grisham novels?

    Welcome to Market Basket — a privately-owned company cleaved apart by dueling Demoulas cousins named Arthur fighting over control of a multi-billion dollar empire.

    Caught in the middle were 25,000 employees and 2 million customers waiting week after week for stores to return with happy workers and shelves full of fresh vegetables.

    Couldn’t the cousins have just hugged it out?

    No, it took a reported $1.5 billion or so for Arthur T. Demoulas to settle the standoff with his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas.

    Word finally came late Wednesday that ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas would regain power, paving the way for boycotting cus­

    > See Market Basket, Page A4

    Article Continued Below

    See MARKET on Page A04

    Market Basket

    Continued from Page A1

    tomers and idled part-time workers to return.

    Addressing workers Thursday, Demoulas praised the workers and said this “was not about a family conflict or a Greek tragedy” but “more about fairness, justice and a solid moral compass” that unites the human soul.

    Workers — who adopted the giraffe as their mascot for sticking their necks out for their beloved boss — picketed stores and convinced more than 9 in 10 customers to boycott, leaving deserted parking lots to be converted into makeshift driver’s ed courses. Dozens of food pantries and homeless shelters benefited from donated food otherwise left unsold. Other food, including fish and eggs, got tossed away because of approaching expiration dates and no buyers.

    Arthur T. made it clear in 2012 that there wasn’t room for two Demoulas to operate the business.

    “I’m running this company with the philosophy, very strong philosophy, that there’s only one boss in the company,” he said, according to minutes of a company board meeting. “There’s not two. There’s not three. There’s not five. There’s only one boss in the company.”

    At another board meeting in 2011, when board members raised questions about a $45 million investment loan, Arthur T. accused them of “nitpicking.”

    That led then-Director Nabil El-Hage to reply: “In my religion, only the Pope is infallible.”

    Long-standing feud

    A family feud began after the death of George Demoulas in 1971. He and his brother, Telemachus Demoulas, had already built the chain, known then as Demoulas Market Basket, into a successful business, according to previous accounts in the Union Leader.

    Heirs of the two brothers began a fight over control that continued until last week.

    A Massachusetts Superior Court judge ruled in the 1990s that heirs of George Demoulas had been cheated out of millions by Telemachus Demoulas and his heirs. Telemachus Demoulas died in 2003, before the lawsuit and subsequent appeals were settled.

    In 2011, the descendants of George Demoulas again sued the descendants of Telemachus Demoulas, including his son, Arthur T. Demoulas. The dispute centered on a profit-sharing plan Arthur. T. had introduced.

    Last summer, the board voted to distribute $250 million in company operating funds to shareholders, a decision Arthur T. had opposed.

    Then on June 23 of this year, the board fired him and named Felicia Thornton and James Gooch as the chain’s co-CEOs.

    Workers became concerned that their cherished profit-sharing plan and the company’s family culture were in jeopardy with their new bosses.

    Series of rallies

    On July 18, workers held the first of about a halfdozen rallies in Tewskbury, Mass., demanding the return of Arthur T. Some warehouse workers and drivers loyal to him began disrupting deliveries to stores, resulting in more than a half-dozen employees receiving termination letters.

    Company executives several times asked workers to return to work and threatened to replace some of them, even holding a threeday job fair.

    “The perils of family business,” said Neil Niman, chair of the economics department at the University of New Hampshire.

    Hassan gets involved

    On Aug. 17, Gov. Maggie Hassan and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick met with both Arthur cousins for four to five hours in Springfield, Mass. and followed up with phone calls.

    Asked about the demeanor of the two cousins, Hassan said: “Everybody was professional and constructive. Clearly, this has been a long dispute.”

    Niman said families should create a pre-nuptial agreement just like some married couples do.

    “You try to avoid destroying family wealth or the mental health of your children,” Niman said.

    As for who came out on top of the Demoulas family feud, “I would think Arthur T. wins in the end,” Niman said. “The family feud is essentially over.”
    so rare to have employees, management and customers band together to save a chain of family owned stores. hooray for private enterprises.

  • Monica Sanders

    08/25/2014 12:41 PM

    There are a lot of unnecessary shootings of unarmed people. Videos of a homeless man sleeping in a desert park. He pulled a knife at a great distance from anyone and just wanted to be left along. Instead of tazers (or leaving him there as he was harming no one) they shot him multiple times. They after a 3 car pile up, a man is standing next to a car (I think this was AZ), the cop enraged his car was smashed, began shooting this man, who was with his family in the car, was shot and tried to get back in the car after being hit with 2 bullets, then after 2 more shots, he died. Neither of these men were black. Another man was missing his front licence plate. Back from Iraq (or Afghanistan) he stopped for the police and they killed him. There was no apparent reason in the video tape. He left a wife and two kids. It's the militarization of police that is causing a lot of this and the permission to dispatch peaceful protestors in a executive order. The "elite" have plans to replace Americans with illegals because they can control them easier. Many of us know this.

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