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  • Charles Meyers

    02/18/2014 08:14 PM

    As some commentators have pointed out, our withdrawal from Afganistan is leaving Afgan women hanging. This and many other issues such as gender specific abortions are attacks in the real war on women. Huckabee should attack this and the fake war.

  • Leila Mischer

    01/03/2014 08:34 PM

    I would like a copy of the list of life teachings the Huckabee's grandmother taught him.
    He talked about this on one of his shows this December 2013.
    Could you possibly email this to me?

    Huckabee's is a fabulous show!

    Thank you"
    Leila Mischer

  • Emil Lynch

    01/01/2014 10:27 AM

    I need to see a copy of your financial statement before I donate more to Huck Pac.

    Emil Lynch

  • Robert S. Williams USAF (Ret)

    12/28/2013 07:12 PM

    Dear Governor,
    I have tried to contact Congressman Ryan about this bill that just passed reducing retirees pensions, along with other atice duty personnel, but to no avail. He has made the statement, from what I understand, that if a man reitres after 20 years he makes too much noney. Wow. I spent 22 years, one month and 29 days and then retired. My first check was $250.00. Another wow! If it weren't for the late Congressman Mendel Rivers of South Carolina, I would still be getting $250.00. A one (1) time congressman can retire and recieve $15,000.00 a month for life. Third wow! Has the good Congressman ever been shot at, missed his childs bithday, missed Christmas because of deployment to some God forsaken place in defence of this country? I dont think so. I am glad now that he isn't our vice president.

  • Carol Horton

    12/28/2013 10:37 AM

    DISHONEST Cracker Barrel
    Seems to me like their retraction statement was just to cover their behinds - we ate at the Corpus Christi store yesterday and they had all Duck Dynasty products on CLEARANCE! Their employees weren't allowed to TALK ABOUT the issue at all, either. I think they wanted to make some money on the items they initially pulled and they think we are foolish enough to believe they are really sorry! Once the items are out of their stores I'm betting they won't carry them again.

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