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  • Lucy Brown

    04/20/2014 04:17 PM

    You are to be commended for exposing the young girl caught in the political corruption of a fine hospital and children protection. However, Glen Beck had exposed this travesty and
    had the family on his program several times and encouraging us to help the family. He also invited the German family and home schooling problem, again we knew about this months ago, and yet no one ever mentioned Glenn's work on these stories. While you and Megan Kelly acted as if you were the original source.

  • Lee Larsen

    04/12/2014 11:07 PM

    I support you for the most part and appreciate the work you do but today you presented yourself as not a bully and a protector of free speech. How about in 08 when you were doing everything you could to shut down the free speech of the Mormons and stop there rights to freedom of religion???????????????

  • Lucy Brown

    03/08/2014 08:55 PM

    The same day I heard about the German family and their good news, I had sent faxes to the administration including Eric Holder to point out that it was Hitler that made home schooling illegal and its still on the books. Another case of control of citizens as the nationalizing of our education under Common Core.

  • Patricia Harsen

    03/02/2014 08:27 PM

    Mike I could not agree with you more about our position in the military!!
    I was trained in lean manufacturing and I believe we need to put our money where there is value added!! Desk jobs were the first to go!! The people who actually did the job was value added.
    To preserve our great nation we need to cut the fat!! And support those who put their selves on the line.
    Keep up the good word and support it by your behavior.
    Sincere regards
    God bless
    Patti Harsen
    Best regards

  • Bob Ray

    02/23/2014 08:55 PM

    Crystal Wright made a comment to David Webb that the tea party didn't understand that to steven curtis chapman you have to learn to compromise. What concerns me is that we started with a constitution that established a way to build a strong, fair, balanced way of governing with separation of powers and fiscal responsibility. Every compromise since then has moved us away from that starting point. In fact, once you started compromising there was no way to go other than away from the constitution. We are now so far away from the original intent that it's an overnight trip to get back to it.