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  • Sarah Baker

    01/24/2014 04:34 AM

    I'll have you know that I am quite capable of keeping my libido in check and have never depended on your "Uncle Sugar" for anything, especially birth control pills.
    I find your remarks highly and personally insulting. What planet do you live on?
    Can you keep your libido in check? Most women I know can. It seems to be a bit harder for the men I know.

  • Janet Villafranco

    01/23/2014 01:00 PM

    trying to get some media attention for a brutal beating of well known New Orleans musician Doug Potter. he is in the hospital in an induced coma after extensive brain surgery. he was jump while trying to walk to his call with his instruments. this story has hit the UK and local news. this knockout games has to stop.

  • Marcia Olsen

    01/21/2014 06:41 PM

    Glad you're speaking of "War on Women". So phony. Why don't Republicans fight back? Obama and the liberals are waging real wars on BUSINESS, FREEDOM,the ECONOMY, JOB MARKET and the CONSTITUTION among other things.

  • Carol Griffin

    01/21/2014 01:24 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee, I watcned your show the other nite and i was very disappointed in the closing that you did not say God bless you when you ended your show...why/? you use to..have they got to you to? JUST DO IT DO NOT BE ASHAMED...thanks and God Bless

  • rusty vanhook

    01/18/2014 05:37 PM

    honorable gov. hukabee, you are the first one with common sense to come along in decades. it is a MUST that you become the next president before this country falls. we-WILL,ARISE AGAIN as a unified force ,under your leadership.


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