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  • Charles Daves

    02/12/2014 02:00 PM

    Mike Huckabee do you think our voting machines are all rigged? If so our country will never have a fair election again. How can we as Americans get the thugs out of Washington? Thanks

  • jonathan von-purkyne sr

    02/10/2014 06:48 PM

    Mike, your sponsors,eventhat you may not agree with them,should be screened, and say only what is truth. This reflects on you and the Bible. I hope that you will put a priority on this.

  • Charles Daves

    02/09/2014 11:05 AM

    How do we have an election that is honest? There is so much fraud in our government . The voting machines are not honest .

  • Earle Shroyer

    02/08/2014 09:56 PM

    Governor, Really do enjoy your show and appreciate what you stand for and for those that you have on the show. Writing to ask if you ever had considered having Michael Landon Jr who is following in his dad's footsteps and currently producing and directing the show "When calls the heart". I was privileged to meet him here in Phoenix a few years ago when he was being interviewed by Jewish Voice Broadcast. He has a great heart for good moral family shows just like his father, even though his father never claimed to be a christian. His father of course on the Bonanza show, then producing Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven.
    I was fortunate back in the last 60's to work with the Bonanza show and learned more about their personal lives. I don't know if Michael Landon Jr today would even consider being a part of your show, but I feel he would be an inspiration to so many. He has a great testimony how he struggled through his life and has become such a writer/director. Keep up the good work, praying for you. Earle

  • John Artrip

    02/07/2014 10:30 PM

    Dear Mike, I am one of the millions, and millions, of your fans. I was quite honored to meet you last February in Franklin, TN. I just wanted to ask you one very simple question that requires a yes answer. Will you please run for President of the United States for the election coming up in 2016. We Conservatives here in Clarksville, TN will support you to the hilt. May the Good Lord Bless You and Yours. Best Regards.......john