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  • Sergey Kazantsev

    10/28/2013 01:55 PM

    OK, Mike. I've been waiting for some apology from your side on this show for harsh words you addressed to the congressional Tea Party conservative champions on your show before. But apology-unfortunately-never came, only some words, like : "if we republicans would stop beating each other".
    So again, to whom you addressed this time? To Cruz and Lee again, or to RINOs, whom we will for sure throw out of the Conservative movement way as road blocks this time in 2014 in congressional elections. As for now, I and millions of other conservative will be watching your concrete stance on the matter: are you a RINO, or a TEA party guy. Because you damaged your reputation very bad with dumping Cruz and Lee; by endorsing minority leader Mitch Mc Connell over his opponent in the state of Kentucky-real conservative guy Matt Bevin. Sorry Mike, I have to take your program down for now from my DISH network "pre-set a program" "auto-tunning" on the remote.
    We are all tired of words, we need actions. The time for entertainment is over. You can bash Obama and libs all day long, but IT DOESN'T HELP. You guys only talk. But when push came to shove, you started bashing real conservatives to our complete dismay.
    Now I will be watching only your monologues on my computer, waiting for your apology and maybe your dumping of RINOs in to waste can of GOP history.
    Please Mike, change the position, I don't want to dump you, because we loved you way too long and voted for you on primary in 2008. But we can't sweep important thing under the rug. Everything is on the line now: economy, our kids future, saving America itself from sliding down in to darkness of corruption of communism and tyranny. And believe me, I'm a Russian-American, was born in USSR in 1967. I've seen communism first hand. It is horrible. Liberals are on the same path of bringing America on Russia's beaten path of communism, while RINOs are holding on for their seats, instead of fighting for those, who sent them there.

  • Michael Lyon

    10/26/2013 11:22 PM

    Dear sir I am An Independent for reasons I will post here right now. You speak of the Republican Party as if it is related to the Church and how different factions in the church think they are Holier than others & you used the Pharisees as an Example. The problem with this analogy is that the Tea Party is trying to correct a problem in the Republican Party, not the Church for one. As a voter I have to look for someone who represents the viewpoint that best suits the Goal I believe needs to be Achieved, I.E. representation of my Vote. I find there are Too many Moderate Republicans who have accepted Liberal
    Viewpoints to gain votes who actually believe in order to get the office they must bend to get the votes or they are of the same viewpoints as the liberals to begin with. Thus I consider them Liberals to begin with. If the Republican Party feels they need to do this to gain seats they have lost there battle all ready and the Elephant will fall over the edge. What has happened in this country is there is defining edge in the Republican Party Platform has become so fuzzy it is hard to tell the Republicans from the Democrats in some states. This Country does not need a wishey washy leadership that bends with the wind. This Country needs leadership now People need to GO to jail who have broken Laws, IE the IRS & Justice department or this Country will suffer the results due to lack of consequences. Obamacare is not a joke to me it has already cost my wife and I quite a bit due to hikes in my rates loss of my Doctor and hikes in my Copay. If you think US citizens are not serious wait till you see the results of the 2014 Elections even the local Democrats are turning Tea Party in Upstate NY. As I have pointed out in the beginning of my Post I am an Independent. Independents are going tea party route in droves.
    By the By I went to Bible College for 10+ years Have been a Pastor and still play in Christian Bands from time to time.
    But Consider this, I do not believe in separation of Church and State for this reason. People Who Go to Church VOTE.
    In order for there to be true separation People will not be allowed to attend Church or Believe in The one true GOD and his SON, JESUS.
    If this sounds familiar this is the common goal of socialism or communism.
    Republicans who do not wish to use this as a defining moment will suffer the consequences an loose there seats.

  • Mary Castle

    10/26/2013 08:52 PM

    I believe you mentioned Senator Reid during your program tonight. I just thought I would share with you the message I often send to the Senator when he makes some remark that irks me. I know that Harry was born is the small little town of Searchlight, NV where my great uncle lived; and each time Harry irks me, I send him a message telling him that Uncle Darrah Schofield is rolling in his grave.
    Not that Harry ever responds to my emails, but I feel I have at least posted my message and someone in his office has read it!!!
    Mary Castle


    10/25/2013 12:13 PM

    Mike, what is going on with this military training with strong anti-Christian misinformation? This seems very important. Marcus Connelly

  • Alice Pena

    10/25/2013 11:45 AM

    I normally agree with you 100% and regretted not being in a position to call you president but I totally disagree with your comments of last week. You had a scathing remark for tea party people as new people coming in to leave in disarray the rep party. That is disingeneous; the reps have had more liberals embedded with the dems for their own personal self interest and against their representation of party members. Cruz has taken a stand on his convictions and what the reps members have asked him to do. Kudos to him and the tea party, we would not have the house now had it not been for their passion and fortitude.

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