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  • Alice Wheeler

    07/05/2014 08:52 PM

    Gov. Huckabee,
    I was disappointed that the two Spanish women were only concerned with the immigrant children and the monies which could be switched from one category to another.
    The most profound impact that will be exploded in the U.S. is the contamination of disease on our own children who come in contact with these urchins.
    Remember: They have already estimated that 95% of these illegal children have TB; 80 odd percent have scabies,chicken pox, tick fever, small pox, and dinguey fever (for which we have no cure - In other words, those who contract this disease must live a lifetime with its effects.) These children will cost more in lives of American children, much more than a monetary amount.
    Nancy Pelosi and Michele Obama should each be given at least 500 each to change diapers, support their medical needs, and to provide food and sleeping provisions. Michele Obama spent $1.4 Billion in 2012 for her vacation. So, it is only reasonable that she pay some of this back in diaper duty. Thanks for having a great show. B. Wheeler

  • Bill Hamm

    07/05/2014 08:42 PM

    Mike, how come I have never heard the following said aloud by anyone on Fox:
    1. Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky
    2. Alinsky dedicated his Rules of Radicals to Satan, the First Radical
    3. Satan is also know as the Father of Lies
    4. Should we not expect, therefore,any student of Alinsky to try and lie as well as Satan, to whom Alinsky's book was dedicated?

  • Phyllis Camp

    07/04/2014 09:41 PM

    Please provide a way for us to pay via Pay Pal for the In God We Trust window decals and other merchandise. Do NOT like putting my credit or debit card information on-line but easily could buy via Pay Pal. I'm certain I'm not the only one.

  • Robert Chevalier

    07/04/2014 01:19 PM

    I wish that I could somehow convey to you how much you are in our hearts and soul and very much a part of my family. You gives us hope and faith that things will get better and to strive hard and remember that this is God's country. We don't feel ashamed when we are with you every night and see what you do. We thank you and love you. Take care...

  • william m demint

    07/02/2014 10:41 PM

    You had Mark Hanna a democrat apologist on your show. He said that "it was well documented that Bush went after some CA person" but you let that slide. You should have asked him do you mean Bush's IRS or Bush personally or just what?