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  • jpolahiy

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  • Virginia Rebyak

    08/30/2013 10:13 AM

    The proposals you mentioned are the same I have been saying for years, ever since Hillary tried to push the same during Bill's presidency.

    When HMO's first came out I thought they were a great thing. I was younger and a single parent. Now I look back at the damage they did; adding a third party took away the control of healthcare & costs from the patient. I believe that the patient needs to be involved directly in the care & cost with their doctors. When people know their pocketbooks are being hit they are more likely to be more responsible.

    I have called for incentives. Companies have done it with amazing results. If insurers do the same and along with allowing interstate competition it makes common sense that the cost of healthcare will come down and more quality care will be offered and along with incentives we can see a huge change in the health of Americans and a reduction in healthcare costs. Insurers need to stop greedy and looking just for profit from the sick and incentivize the insured to be healthier. The cost of obesity and diabesity will come down. Would not this allow for more funds to treat the chronically ill? I think so.

    Socialize medicine doesn't work for the very sick and elderly plus it is a part of socialism. Americans are smart where they can get on board with reforming their healthcare and that of the country without the gov't telling them what to do because they will turn a deaf ear! They need to understand cost, consequences of their health care actions, etc. Obamacare must not be implemented, period.

    The problem is spreading this message across all the media (especially the liberals) to saturate Americans with the facts so they can hound their members of Congress before they return to Washington. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue but an American one. Republicans and conservatives need to take the cue from Democrats and liberals in reaching all people. God help us.


    08/25/2013 09:22 PM

    health care? just watched your show for this weekend. I believe be have cures for a lot of things, but the FDA holds them up and won't approve them, its all about money, more money is spent if we are sick, if it is cured than there in no money to be made. attach the FDA. same with fast foods additives in food to make you want more. Healthly???

  • Gloria Duncan

    08/24/2013 10:35 PM

    Your program was excellent as always, appreciate all the info on your idea for Health Care in America. Wish the Republicans would take your plan, support it , and work to get it passed.
    Please put in print your idea,on Health Care. I am all for it. Would it ever save this country money!!!! It would please me to see most of the congress and all of this administration impeached now.
    I believe the majority of these people are in Washington for themselves,
    they only care about themselves. I do not trust the nsa, irs, Eric Holder, just the entire Obama Rodadblock Administration.
    Thank you. ijhotoc the
    Thank you.

  • L.E. Nicholas

    08/23/2013 04:50 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    I understand you are covering Obamacare on your show and #1) I would like to know more about the purpose of the voter's registration part of ACA application, #2)I don't understand how it is legal to award government contracts for hiring "Navigators" to groups like Planned Parenthood. Was there a competitive bid process? Is there a specific deliverable that is required in exchange for those funds? Who else is getting these contracts and how much of our tax dollars will be involved with these groups?
    What are the implications of issue #1 combined with issue #2?

    Respectfully Yours,
    L. E. Nicholas

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