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  • Paul Raabe

    03/17/2014 04:27 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee:

    I listened to your program this last weekend where you talked about the hardships that raising the minimum has on companies and their employees. To be sure, such a pay increase would put a squeeze on companies (especially small ones), causing companies to reduce working hours and/or lay people off. You seemed to agree that those who remained full time with the salary increase would be happy and much better off. The "BETTER OFF part) IS NOT TRUE!!! I have analyzed that scenario, and I’d like to share a simplified version of my analysis.

    Let us assume that a company charges a price of P for its products and/or services. Let us assume that the total cost of producing their products or services is C (which includes the salaries of ALL employees). Companies maintain the same profit margin (to satisfy stockholders or the business owners). The way that the profit margin, M, is determined is as follows: M=1-C/P. That is always a number less than one.

    Now let us say that each individual employee gets a salary in crease of s. Let us say that the company has n employees, all of whom receive that salary increase. This adds to the company’s total cost by an amount ns — the number of employees receiving that salary increase times each individual’s salary increase. In order to maintain the same profit margin as before, I have found that the company must increase its price, p, as follows: p=ns/(1-M). That is a HYGE amount of price increase — MUCH higher than the salary increase of each individual employee. To give you an idea as to how huge that is, let us consider a simple example. Let us say that a company has ten employees and has a modest profit margin of 10%. In that case, the company would have to increase its price by 11s! That is a HUGE increase over the employee’s salary increase of only s!!!! What does that mean? It means that the employee can no longer afford certain items, or it means that the employee must get another source of income to allow the continued purchase of those items.

    What it also means is that, with the higher prices, companies have difficulty competing in the international marketplace. As a result, they purchase parts from foreign manufacturers or they move their manufacturing facilities to other countries (to take advantage of the lower cost of labor in those countries). In the latter case it means that Americans lose their jobs in potentially large numbers.

    So, you see by a simple example that raising salaries of employees (whether by forcing an increase in the minimum wage or as a result of union pressure) imposes a large loss in employee purchasing power and, in some cases, the loss of a job. Pretty significant, I would say!!

    From Paul Raabe

  • Bryan Stuart

    03/16/2014 03:37 PM

    Concerning people who have refused their services to gays, I think the point is being missed. Many I have read say that if a gay couple wants you to cater a gay wedding, under the heading of grace/mercy, just do it. They use the lady caught in adultery and brought to Jesus by the Pharisees as an example. They say Jesus released her under grace/mercy. She was caught in a sin, but Jesus did not condone this sin. He (as God he can do this) sensed her contrition and forgave her, instead of stoning her. But his last words are "go and sin no more". Now Jesus was a carpenter. Imagine if the Pharisees came to Jesus and said,"hey build us a really expensive, beautiful table for the money changers in the temple". I tbink this is a better comparison than the lady caught in adultery. In the Bible Paul says if you go into someones home and they serve meat feel free to eat it, unless you know it has been sacrificed to idols. That is if the meat is a part of a sinful act avoid it. If a wedding cake is made for a gay wedding it is part of a sin, and should also be avoided.

  • Gilbert a Norwood M,D.

    03/13/2014 03:55 PM

    Why is your studio audience all white. I am Caucasian myself but you would benefit from a more diverse group. I love the show as it is one of the best on TV. Keep up the great shows. thank you amd I hope you runfor President. Gil Norwood M.D.

  • Rosemarie Frey

    03/09/2014 09:18 PM

    I want you to run for President. I want you to know that I have been a Democrat my whole life but I will vote for you if you run. I cannot think of any one I'd rather see be the next president than you. PLEASE run in 2016. I don't know how many Democrats have told you this, and if I'm the first one, good for me. I promise I'll help run your campaign in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our country needs a leader like YOU, no wait - our country needs you not a leader like you. Please consider running in 2016.

  • Ronald Thonpson

    03/09/2014 08:39 PM

    Time 2018hr 3/9. Listening to your retired general. Respect his rank but doubt his expertise. Called Russian military a hollow shell and their army a mess lacking leadership. Seems he does not remember recent history. A certain very highly rated and feared army thought the sane thing about them after their show against the smaller ill equipped Finish Army. Even thought of them as sub human. Yet it was that ill lead, ill trained mess that destroyed many a German army and marched into Berlin. He believes his own propaganda. Very dangerous when you under estimate tour opponent.

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