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  • Rev Michele Willison

    11/09/2014 05:15 PM

    I would like a snail mail address to enable me to write you a letter. I am using my daughter's computer. I am Director of a Christian Retreat which is in the boonies and no internet available. I have to drive 10+ miles to access ones at Ferris State Univ.! Thank you ..I'll be watching my email this week for your answer.. Have a Blessed week. Thanks

  • Debbie Shafer

    07/22/2013 08:32 AM

    Mike: Good informational show on the collapse of Detroit, we are reminded that Greed, especially from the unions has not helped the average citizen, especially those who are now forced to work part time due to Obamacare. Sadly we are lacking a President who is a leader for all the people, not just special interest groups or the Black Race like he has displayed in the Martin-Zimmerman trial.

  • Joseph Hamlet

    07/22/2013 04:52 AM

    Why don't the media show Travon Martins picture at age 17?

  • Bob Jones

    07/14/2013 07:04 PM

    Govenor, I know I am leaving this in the wrong area but I hope you receive it. I guess I expected the want-to-be's from the Martin Luther King days to live with justice but the true color show for these two! They are building themselves a heritage!

    My fear is with our current administration (small a) we are in real trouble, and I do know the folks here in the South are not going to sit on our hands.

    I can reach out to my Congressman and Senators. We can not go on playing the race card everytime something does not got their way! The court allowed I assume both sides to select the jury. So does that make it a white issue. Zimmerman is Ethnic, why are they saying white? I am deeply troubled more than anytime im my 63 years. I have zero trust in our President and especially anyone reporting to him.

    Man, I voted for you and would give anything if we had someone with your morality leading our Country. I know our President can't or should not say anything here, but he sure did on the beginning of this before justice took its course.

    I have just reversed my total opinion of Civil Rights! I am afraid they have just nailed the lid on the County. It is a shame we let two people like Jackson and the other nut have time with the press.

    Tell David hello. Hope he is adjusting to father-hood. He is a good guy and I appreciated working with him. Hope you get back to Arkansas for the Duck Season. Mallard report was good yesterday.


  • Karen Archibald

    07/13/2013 10:55 PM

    I happen to agree that because Fox News has focused on the Zimmerman trail, we have totally lost track on the other scandals that are surrounding the White House including the July 6th executive order that gives Obama communication control. Great
    Now Zimmerman has been found not guilty which means what is his agenda going to be? Zimmerman's address is on the internet. Isn't that just wonderful in this Country........Thank You.

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