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  • Terri Clark

    02/07/2012 09:52 AM

    with the current debt rising, why doesn't"the" people in The white house, congress, take a pay cut, $400,000 president salary, 19,00 for entertainment etc...., they were making a living prior to their current position, congress gave themself a pay raise this past yr. but the blue/white collar people did not receive a raise, the average pay in arkansas 35,000 annually maybe more if both parents work. they cooks, designers, everytime a new president comes in the white house they redecorate why, it doesn't coste them anything but tax payers who make only a fraction of that we pay we pay dearly especially for people who do not listen to our opinons our voice is not heard on the hill our thoughts and opinons are only required when it is time to vote...We want someone who will follow through on their word, and be willing to make changes that will effect them also..I clock in at 8 and out at 4 and bring home 1100 monthly, my husband works 12 hours a day. so we know all to well what it means to work.we don't get 2-4 weeks vacation..People even the White house needs to get back to the baics of what the job entails, REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM THERE...and voting for changes that the public want not who is rubbing their back at that time.... and charity begins at home...

  • David H. Aycok

    04/14/2011 04:54 PM

    I think you had a Christian group that is insuring people for hospital insurance.
    Please send me the name of that org.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Jeff Marchillo

    02/20/2011 09:25 PM

    Governor, I am a union firefighter in Madison, WI. Local 311. I am also a conservative. What next? Dogs will be doing the polka with cats? In fact, my wife and I came to Waukesha, WI to see you in your Presidential bid. Your yard sign(s) are still hanging in my garage. We loved hearing you speak. I know your father was a firefighter too. I love your show and watch it weekly. I have talked with what seems like thousands of union members and we are all more than willing to give more AND get less regarding pay and benefits. Many teachers were not on the government dime the day(s) of the rally. Many if not most will be paying the school districts back and will relieve a letter of reprimand in their file. As stated we are willing to do our part. With that being said, why the need to flatten collective bargaining. Is it a "right"? No. It is something that we worked for and bargained for. Yes. I understand the dire situation in our state and we want to be part of a solution and not the problem. This bill literally had a 3-4 day time line from introduction to vote. Is that right? We as conservatives were outraged when Obama Care was jammed down our throats without adequate time for discussion. Can you honestly blame teachers and other union members for initially reacted with a 3-4 day period to be heard before a lot of money and benefits would be stripped away? I am a firefighter and currently exempt. We did show support for the other members. Imagine my horror, all those liberal nuts were to my left and right and my hair did not fall out nor did I start talking like Bob Beckel. I am not ready to go cross country with Alan Colmes, but I found that many had a good point. Most firefighters DID NOT support our current Governors bid for office. To my knowledge only Milwaukee and West Allis unions did. The Professional Firefighter of Wisconsin also did not. So out of fairness to the Governor, he is NOT rewarding us as reported. Contrary to what is being reported not all firefighters, police or the State Patrol members supported or support the Governors stance. I would respect and accept Governor Walker simply saying that he is busting the unions. The current language in the Repair Bill allows for watered down, weak bargaining. Rahm Emmanual would love the slight of hand that the GOP is pulling off. Of course it would be flipped. The GOP is directly and indirectly choking the money flow to the DNC that the unions typically give. It assures the GOP victories for now and future elections. Should you get the money that you'll need to run, which is going to very tough, I will again support your bid. You are a good man. I will say that your facts were a little off regarding this Madison situation. I was and continue to be their watching and learning. Collective bargaining should be left alone. We both know it won't be for financial reasons, but more so to assure the Democrats get much less resources. As a life long drummer I would pay anything to sit in with you some day. Don't expect much money as I have a pay cut coming soon. :-) Oh well, I love my job almost as much as my family and the Huckabee Show. By the way, I think about the Lava Soap story you told regarding your blue collar up bringing every time I wash my hands after working on my car or the fire engines. Another true story, my wife had you sign a copy of "Do the right thing" which was awesome. The problem was she checked it out from the local library. Your book was not going to prided from her hand under any circumstances. I was glad to use my hard earned union money to purchase that book and your other book(s) On a different note, Mitt Romney is kind of a weeny ....


    Jeff P Marchillo
    Lieutenant, Madison Fire Department.
    608 290 5964

  • D Grotjohn

    01/29/2011 08:35 PM

    Governor Huckabee - why do you insist on interrupting and turning Mancow's comments into a joke? He's right about Chicago politics, and you know it.

  • James P. Borgmann

    12/19/2010 08:38 PM

    Mike: Wanted to comment on Cong. Weiner's idea that the Government, meaning Weiner can take any thing he wants and as much as he wants. it s nice when you earn what he does with all the perks we pay him, to be so arragant. yes this what the Tea party was formed for.

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