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  • moody hayes

    06/08/2014 08:28 PM

    mike , I am wondering when the news media will put out the fact that Obama is Islamic by his own words and that he will do wrong things to help Islamic believers. This is a fact as proven by what he just did releasing five deadly prisoners that will kill more when they have the opportunity.

  • Patricia Sword

    06/08/2014 08:25 PM

    I think the president should
    be impeached for what he did. But I think they will not do that. Because he is being protected because he is the first black president.

  • christy glenn

    06/01/2014 03:38 PM

    Kelly Wright and the Little Rockers really rocked on your May 31st show! Kelly should record that song. So beautiful! Reminded me of Lou Rawls.

  • Bob Bowman

    05/31/2014 08:39 PM

    I don't believe going after Hillary about her Benghazi involvement at this time is important . If we do we are playing into her hand to put this behind her before she even commits . Let's dean with 2014 first. More will come out through the investigations in the interim . We can more effectively deal with her in 15 and 16 with more clout in congress . She may hang herself by being complicit in the scandal . I believe if we concentrate on results and a true conservative message the administration and future activity in the Dem. party will irrevocably be compromised by truth and transperancy !

  • roma nunez

    05/31/2014 08:19 PM

    The President said one of his goals was to close Guantanomo Bay....5 to 1 swap will make that happen.

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