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  • Monty C Casley

    08/29/2014 12:04 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Newsmax put out a statement on Jimmy
    Carter. I won't to know if
    this statement is true or
    false. " Former president
    Jimmy Carter will headline
    a fund raising convention,
    dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Breitbart news reports
    Carter supporter of Hamas, will have a fundraiser event
    by members of ISNA to scheme
    $12 Million dollars and sent it to the Hamas. This
    was shocking news. Thank you
    for you show I watch it every chance I get and really enjoy the show. True or False.

  • LTC(R) Charles L McNeely

    08/28/2014 08:39 AM

    Governor, please, please, please have staff members read the content of the CC program. The history of the 1st 500 years of US has been nearly eliminated in the curricula, students are taught how to use a calculator, but not how to add a column of numbers or make change. The program itself is designed to dumb-down, not lift up. Prove this 72-year old wrong, please, but if you can't, please go on record in opposition to Common Core.


    08/26/2014 12:16 PM

    Hi Governor,
    Not sure how you can support the education of our children by the Common Core template.
    I grew up in the 1950's when education was still run by the states and they provided excellent infrastructure as evidenced by the rise of test scores. When the education of the children was "taken over" by the Federal Government, the upshot of that was declining test scores that continue to this day. I was very disappointed to hear that you are a supporter of Common Core. The new history section of that curriculum gives short shrift to the founding fathers and doesn't allow God to enter the picture.
    I am a fan of yours but I am not with you on this subject. I would hope that upon reflection you will change your mind or convince me of the rightness of this "law"
    Best regards,
    John Ridder

  • Rev. Thomas J. Mohn

    08/26/2014 09:56 AM

    Gov. Huckabee you are such a clear voice. This will be another great day to read from the new book "Good morning Brother Pilgrim" especially the sections on the "Well placed lie" and "The keeper and the kept" You will be greatly encouraged.

  • Rev. Thomas J. Mohn

    08/24/2014 08:31 AM

    Gov. Huckabee; "Good Morning Brother Pilgrim" is a new book that will give you some encouragement. on the "power of the well-placed lie" and The keeper and the Kept". I appreciate your faith clarity concerning true morality. Thanks

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