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  • danny collier

    07/26/2014 08:18 AM

    I don't understand why oblama doesn't just talk about all of his accomplishments, after all the country is in so much better shape than when he took over 5 years ago. The economy is rip roaring, there is hardly anyone on unemployment and those who have stopped looking for jobs have found them, hardly anyone is on foodstamps or welfare, and the national debt is the lowest its been in years. His money given to Solyndra has produced jobs. He has contributed greatly to energy independence see how the cost of gas has gone down, the cost of energy is at record levels all this no doubt due to the use of coal, drilling on federal lands, in Alaska, and also the Keystone pipeline which has produced thousands of jobs and lowered our pain at the pump. The list goes on and on.

    Then we have his foreign policy accomplishments, can anyone not say that the world is a safer more tranquil place since that awful GWB left office, after all Iraq has a thriving economy, it has tolerance for all religious viewpoints, it is no longer rocked by insurgents, and the Iraqi military is well able to defend the country, see we didn't need those 20,000 troops that the military advisors told the commander in chief was needed to keep Iraq stable and free from overthrow by jhadists. Then there is Israel our only ally in the middleast, we have really supported their ability to defend themselves, we have done this by giving the PLO and Hamas millions of dollars to help build tunnels and buy missles from Iran. Then there is Russia, Iran, China, Syria, Egypt, N. Korea, and so many others, who have gutted their military capablity in order to faithfully follow the example of our most respected military commander, what inroads toward tranquility and peace has been advanced by Hillary (the pauper)Clinton and John (purple heart) Kerry. Let us not forget the embassy in Lybia what a shining example of the kind of diplomacy that has been exemplified by this admiminstration. I am in shock and awe.

    Then we have the domestic agenda and the administrations accomplishments, how he has shown such leadership in handling the invasion of illegals at the border,how he quickly secured our border when he first learned that the influx of illegals was forthcoming in August of 2013, and his working with congress to come up with bipartisan support to solve the immigration problem. Then there are the scandals, at the IRS,VA,EPA,BLM,DHS,DOJ, we can look back at how heads rolled, those who were responsible were brought to justice and the problems fixed, what a guy!!!!!!. Then we should all keep in mind that successful sting operation lovingly known as fast and furious and how it brought to justice so many of the criminals involved in drug smuggling, gun running and other dastardly deeds on our southern border. Then we should all remember how the president took to task the EPA and BLM for attacking industries, and land owners with unconstitutional rules and regulations, after all these government agencies are not a government unto themselves. Then remember all of the Supreme Court decisions that upheld all of obama's executive orders', rewriting of laws, and general ignoring the constitution, and congress as well as the courts, after all this POTUS is a constitutional professor and he should know what he can and can't do.

    This most transparent administration in history has so many accomplishments in all areas of the scope of the executive branch that he should be using those examples and he should be thanking the Republicans for helping him accomplish all he has done, after all isn't there enough glory to go around. Last but not least we cannot forget Obamacare, the crown jewel of his legacy ,it would take a book , and after all we are still not sure of all the virtuous little goodies this law has in-store for the American people, and as our matron mother of the liberal church of the koolaide drinkers said we have to pass the law to see what is in it.

    The accomplishments are something to be proud off and just think these ar just the ones we know about, what wonderful surprises await this country that haven't come to light yet and keep in mind he still has two more years plus a few months to accomplish even more. I just wonder why he didn't talk about all of these, modest I guess.


    07/17/2014 12:47 PM

    Gov, everybody's talking including S. Palin about impeachment for 0
    bum'a but no one is doing anything about it. I ain't no constitutional scholar so I don't know the process, but can't the all 50 states garnish enough votes to take his regime down? Everyboy's scared to be called a racist but what he's doing to us is racist cause its' his Kenyan fathers dream is he wants to fulfill. He pulls out the racist card everytime he finds himself in the corner with the dunce hat. Will someone pls begin a signature petition to impeach this dude? he's time is over. He's broken every rule in the US Constitution and we're all saying, enough but no one's doing a darn thing about it. duh! Thx. Hope you get elected this time and delete the IRA (Ireland), oh I meant IRS. They are the authorized local & domestic terrorists. Same with holder, why can't we remove him from since he already "homestead" his office? this is like batman and robin. they compliment each other.

  • Marilyn Goad

    07/13/2014 09:18 PM

    Please have Dennis Michael Lynch back on as much as possible!!! He speaks the TRUTH and the American public needs to start listening!! Really way past time. This country is under siege by its own so called government!!!! And yes, WHERE IS OUR SO CALLED REPRESENTATIVES on all this?? Afraid to show their faces!!!!! GOD HELP US!!!!!

  • denny ormerod

    07/12/2014 12:45 PM

    wrong Fuentes.
    Mike, If you are having Hispanic women discuss immigration on your show, you should invite ANITA Fuentes. Check her Youtube downloads from 7-3-14. She's the realdeal Mike, and I don't watch your show for the lying political bullcrap factor, but rather for the REALITY content.
    sincerely, d.

  • M Mac

    07/11/2014 05:20 PM

    If you agree, please get this to Rick Perry: Ask him to ask the president to send the National Guard to the boarder in Texas for the following reasons which are in the order of the "feel good" for the Dems first followed by the most important reason:
    1 Put up security and temporary housing so they can be held until verified to stay or leave.
    2 Set up a temporary medical facility for checking them out so they don't get sent all over the country with who know what illnesses.
    3 Assist the border patrol
    and oh by the way...SECURE THE BORDER!!

    Please don't identify me

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