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  • James Hughes

    01/19/2013 01:49 PM

    Dear Pastor Mike
    I'm sorry about Jet. I know a little about the Central Highlands of Viet Nam. I know a little more about the M1A1 Abrahms Tank, and a bit more about truck driving. I have a thought about something else.
    I'm asking you to get someone to crunch the numbers on this. (Subject-Social Security)(All the people earning above a certain amount, let them invest a percentage of their S.S., give them a portion of the interest and the rest goes back into the pot)also (once the older wealthy receive a percentage over what they put in, if they don't need it, (STOP IT!) God's guidance, Wes

  • roger fitzpatrick

    01/17/2013 08:31 AM

    governor always enjoy your show. just watching fox news talking about prescription drugs puting tracking devices in bottles . they just told the world. dont you think now they will just pour out the pills and throw the bottle how about the goverment banning oxicoten and billions of dollars our jails and prisons are full because of this drugs.familys are on welfare because parents are locked up'these drugs destroy more lifes than all guns in american. but big drug companies are huge contributers i guess money is more important than the welfare of never hear washington doing anything that affect them.all i would like to see is someone thinking of our country in stead of there self.washington needs downsized.quit want to help

  • Dann H. Hall

    01/16/2013 04:06 PM

    I enjoyed your segment with Laura Schroff. She is an exmple of the old theory of American self as presented in James Freeman Clarke's book, "Self-Culture...", 1880. It had over 20 printings before 1900. The John Dewey scheme teaches the antithesis of Clarke's book that taught personal virtue and self-worth. Prof. Dan Howe wrote a more recent book exemplifying American virtues through "faculty-psychology". Please see my two essays on Patriot Post/Commentary. Most public schools are creating young people who want things handed to them with no sense of self-worth. Clarke's theory would be as correct today as it was 100 years ago but it is beyond my power to change the course of a barge full of badness.

  • Ray Hicks

    01/15/2013 02:05 PM

    I really enjoy your program, when I have the opportunity to watch.

    I would like to suggest Mr. Amos Lee to be a guest performer on your show. He writes and performs his own material and has a growing fan base of those who recognize a truely unique musical artist. He grew up in Philadelphia, Graduated from university in South carolina with degrees in English and Education. I believe he describes himself as being multi-ethnic.

    He has been invited to perform on several other TV shows and the last Transatlantic Sessions in Scotland, of which Jerry Douglas is one of the producers.

    I am an old guy, 75 yrs, but this guy has gotten my attention. I particularly like his "Violin", "Cup of Sorrow", "Jesus" and "Cool Blue Eyes", the last two are performed with Sarah Jaroz, Alison Krauss and the Jerry Douglas group in Scotland.

    I think Amos Lee will be a great guest and will benefit your show, your viewers and give Amos Lee much deserved exposure.

    I am not associated with him in any way. I only know of his artistry through his many videos on you tube.

    God Bless,


  • Jim Sturman

    01/15/2013 11:49 AM

    You recently presented a woman who fed a hungry child and later wrote a book with him about their ensuing relationship. Can you please send me the name of that book?

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