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    07/14/2013 11:49 PM

    I CAME UP IN THE 60"S & 70"s
    black people,as u say had that name on signs,in public places,and a fair trial for black American was a all white jurors,look at the history record,do u feel that's justice for black people?

  • Thomas Robinson

    03/30/2013 09:13 AM

    I wish somebody would ask to see the list of people that were laid off in order to save $74,000 by closing the White House to tours.

  • Frank Hospenthal

    03/01/2013 04:26 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    After 40 some trips to Israel, you are the expert on that country. I hope you can answer some of my questions.
    How many billions of US taxpayers dollars are given to Isreal every year?
    How many dollars for their military war machine?
    When is Israel willing to give up the occupied territories and the illegal settlements?
    How many nuclear bombs does Israel have?
    What inernational agency is inspecting the Israeli nuclear arsenal and how often do they get inspected?
    I would apppreciate your answers.
    Thank you.

  • James A. Brix

    02/28/2013 10:01 AM

    Hello Governor, Thank you for your passion for our country and for our Lord. I want to comment on your recent statements regarding the declining support for the state of Israel in the U. S. I was raised by parents whose support for Israel was thorough and based on biblical prophecy. I also held this view until several years ago. As you have, I have also visited Israel on several occasions (not nearly as many as you!). Walking where Jesus walked is always deeply meaningful to me. On one trip about 12 years ago, I entered into dialogue with some Christian Palestinians who shared a different perspective than I had heard previously. First I spoke with faculty at Bethlehem Bible College, then, on a later visit, with Abuna Elias Chacour, now archbishop of the Melkite Catholic churches in Israel and Lebanon. These believers reject violence against Israel but share many deeply held feelings that the state of Israel has not dealt with them justly. They emphasize the forced deportations of many Arab families in 1948 and the subsequent confiscation of their property. They speak passionately of the suffering on the West Bank due to the wall and the settlements, as well as the horrific living conditions in Gaza. While I believe in the need for Israel to exist in security, I am amazed when Christians in the U. S. seem to support the Israeli government unquestionably, never mentioning any legitimate basis for Palestinian protests. God loves the Palestinians as well as the Israelis and I cannot believe God approves of every act of the Israeli government toward the Palestinians. Thanks for considering these words.

  • mexican

    02/24/2013 08:44 PM

    hello great to chat with you mike, most americans dont have a clue whats going on beyond facebook or twitter,, the presidents has a bigger plan other than turning the country over to the chinese and the chinese government infaltration of the pentagon government.. the government is Aqueda and the C.I.A. is the British empire.. The Treasury is really the IMF and Obama is A puppet who forgot that the people are the Government not for countries.. gun control is a decoy for the Agenda 21, the buiderberg groups are having secret meetings it, and dont you think the media should be covering the purchase made by the government of china of 1/3 of chesapeake energy and Devon energies. these companies of china largest banks purchased 30,000 acres in boise idaho, 10,000 acres in Texas and are setting up shop around the world chicago, california, newyork,, wow and you guys didnt report this?? i hope the Globalist are taken down..and Bill Gates Agenda 21, attack on america from within.. its not about obama at all.. hes weakening the U.S. and Making the Foriegnors stronger?? muhammah morsi, 20 F16 fighters,, tanks.. weakening our military and first responders?? that childs play, its a no brainer hes put in office by the Globalist over 250 corporations around the world committee 300.. the U.N. is in NewYOrk!! wake up!! people..

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