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  • Charles I. Burks

    01/20/2014 11:14 AM

    I'm sick of watching people who have never worked a day in one of the many data collection centers. I have, blew the whistle through proper channels only to become a victim of the system. I can tell you from experience that those who are whistle blowers never win. Those you blow the whistle on, get promoted or protection.

  • Darryl Hinkle

    12/03/2013 01:33 PM

    Tell me if you are really supporting common Core and WHY! I want to know! Are you betraying us like all the rest sir?

  • Charles Burks

    10/17/2013 10:30 AM

    America just lost another attempt to get the debt under control, stop the spending, reducing the size of government and ending a program (Obamacare) that will give the government an open door into your life (I know, I've seen it). This wasn't about Republican or Democrat, it was about the United States of America and those people we sent to Washington to fix our country simply kicked the can down the road and probably ruin your children and grandchildren s' future. If you're paying any attention at all, you can see that the people who have been in DC for a long time put up every road block they could to get an agenda they wanted and that was to try to destroy the other party. He don't need any more leaders like that, we need people who are willing to look at for the country. You have those in the military that love this country so much that they are willing to die for it, but in Washington, it's not really about the country, it's about being re-elected. What a waste. However, let me remind you, we put them their so if the country fails, it's because the voters were not informed, didn't pay attention or have just given up. Let me remind you want happened to those who gave up in the Philippines, you recall the death march? How about in this country, you been to a reservation to see how the government takes care of them? The future of your children and grandchildren is in your hands the next few elections. You want to give away their future, keep the cronies in Washington. You want real change, then you have to kick the current embedded politicians out of office. They don't think you're willing to do that and I'm beginning to believe they are right! I'm a senior and don't have a whole lot of time left on this earth and I'm glad because it hurts me to see where we are headed. Maybe I'll get lucky and Obamacare will start taking care of us like the Nazi did the Jews. Mr. Politician, can you at least make sure it's swift and painless.

  • Charles Burks

    01/07/2013 08:29 PM

    As long as you have a Social Security Number, the government is entitled to any and all of your information. Big brother database is located in Seaside, CA under Defense Manpower Data Center. It was built under Bill Clinton's administration.

  • Fred A Rogers

    12/30/2012 02:58 AM

    Mr Huckabee,Enjoy your show on FOX,but wish you hadmore not a repeat on Sunday.
    My comment about gun control, we have laws against drugs and that is not working, why believe gunscontrolwill? Fred A Rogers

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