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  • Palmer Rowe

    11/28/2012 09:32 AM

    Please send me the name of the author and the book that the man talked about Destiny and Gods plan for all.

  • Sandra Davis

    11/26/2012 08:41 AM

    Would like the name of the book that the man talked about Destiny and Gods plan for all.

  • David T. Burtram

    11/25/2012 08:59 PM

    I like what you have to say, good job, Sir, keep it up! Sure would like to see you make another run for the Whitehouse, Mr. Governor.
    I left America, Arkansas specifically, in 1974 to serve my country in Germany as an enlisted man in the Army. When I returned to this country in 1977 it was like I got off the plane in the wrong country. Everything I had been taught coming up was being systematically erased and history rewritten. It was alomost like a photo negative of the U.S.A. I've been looking for the good Ol' US of A ever since.
    Whatever happened to plain old common sense? It's like we're throwing out everything we ever learned and starting over from a childish fairytale viewpoint. And I agree with the fella that spoke about our reps not representing us. And I'd like to add LET'S FIRE EM!
    That is what I am doing!

  • Lillian Read

    11/25/2012 01:53 PM

    You had a couple on that wrote a book on Destiny-----How they were sure they met by Destiny. Could you please send me the name of the book they wrote.

    Lillian Read~

  • Ferd Sebastian

    11/24/2012 09:07 PM

    Dear Mike, I am a big fan of yours. Tonoght a saw a couple on the 11/24th show. Ken and Joni. I have a book that Iwrotewith Jesus and I believe it would be very encouraging to them. I would like to send it to them. I need their address or to protect their privicy could I sendit to you and you pass it on. Jesus just put it on my heart to send it. Your brother in Christ, Ferd
    PS: If you would like to know more about me or read about the book go to

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