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A Huck’s Hero salute to Joe Leuken of Bemidji, Minnesota. He was born a baker’s son, but today, he owns three supermarkets called Leuken’s Village Foods. Over 45 years in the business, he’s built a reputation for generosity and good citizenship, funding local charities, scholarships and more. Recently, Joe decided to retire and travel with his wife. He’s had offers to sell his supermarkets to big chains at a huge profit. But he turned them down. He’s always credited his success to his 400 loyal employees…who were stunned when Joe announced that he’s giving his three supermarkets to them. He’s setting up a stock plan, and they’ll receive ownership shares based on their salaries and length of service. Joe explained that his parents who came through the Great Depression taught him to live by the motto, “Do the right thing.” So the next time you hear class warfare talk about the evil rich and the uncaring boss, think of Joe Leuken. If you can’t win the lottery, working for a guy like him is the next best thing.