April 27, 2016

Voters Send A Message

First of all, polls show a large majority of Republicans, including non-Trump supporters, think that whoever has the majority of delegates should be the nominee.

Obama and Veterans

Maybe a better solution would be to concentrate on getting the private sector economy revved back up and once again creating good-paying jobs. Then veterans wouldn’t need to land government jobs. They could work in the private sector, where being efficient and goal-oriented are actually considered positives.

Buy-cott God's Not Dead 2

I am urging believers across America to buy a ticket to God’s Not Dead 2 while it’s in the theaters. The more successful a film like this is, the more insignificant...

Returning to Fox News Channel

Of course, I was always surprised to be invited to be part of the channel the first time, and even more surprised and delighted they’d still have me back!
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