Even for liberal icons, virtue-signaling on social media can be a treacherous business, especially when you do it in the midst of a fast-breaking crisis. Bette Midler discovered that when she responded to Saturday’s ISIS-inspired deadly attacks in London by tweeting, “Men and religion are worthless.” While that sentiment might play with a very narrow subset of her fans (feminist atheists), it enraged and offended many others.

First of all, gender has nothing to do with terrorism. Women have been known to strap bombs to themselves and even to their children. Second, many brave men ran toward the attackers to stop them and help their victims, from the police and paramedics to the civilians who threw bottles and chairs to deter the murderers (sadly, unlike in America, there were no good guys with concealed carry permits nearby, since the UK government disarmed them all so that mass killings would be eradicated. That worked out well, didn’t it? The police rightly earned praise for responding in just eight minutes and shooting the killers dead, but that eight-minute wait for any good guys with guns to show up was still long enough for seven people to die and 48 to be injured, 21 of them critically.)

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As for Bette’s slam on religion, her lack of specificity also drew criticism. What religion is she calling worthless? All of them? What did Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism have to do with this? Or is one specific religion (radical Islam) responsible for most recent terrorist attacks? (Here’s a hint: the killers in London were shouting, “This is for Allah” as they stabbed people to death.) That’s the great conundrum facing all virtue-signaling “progressives”: it’s considered politically-correct to slam religion in general, even if it unfairly tars billions of innocent people of faith; but horribly un-PC to name the twisted religious strain actually responsible. Bette must’ve been shocked at the negative reaction to her tweet, since she was just following one of the cardinal rules of modern liberalism: You can slander the innocent all you like, but there’s hell to pay if you apply any value judgments to the guilty.