Learn Our History

Give Your Family The Most Fascinating Stories Of Our Nation With Learn Our History!


I’m passionate about America, and I’m proud of our history. And, I think it’s important that we keep our history alive by passing it on to our children in a way that makes it fun to learn. That’s why I co-founded the children’s education company called “Learn Our History”. Our mission is simple; to help our younger generations learn and appreciate history for what it is — a compass for our future. We do this through a series of fun, animated DVDs that kids love. The series follows the adventures of a group of history students who build a time-traveling bicycle that takes them back in time to see history in the making. When your kids or grandkids watch the videos, they gain an immediate understanding—and appreciation—of American history. And because the videos are so entertaining, kids don’t even realize they’re learning! I invite you to preview the series with a FREE DVD called One Nation Under God. This exceptional DVD celebrates and explains the crucial role that God has played in America's founding and development—and helps children realize how all of our rights and freedom come directly from God, not the government. It’s a great way to help your children understand how God and the Holy Bible have influenced our world. To get your FREE DVD, just visit www.FreeGodDVD.com. For more information about Learn Our History and to see our entire library of titles, visit www.LearnOurHistory.com.


Mike Huckabee