Trump's Phoenix rally

August 23, 2017

At his rally in Phoenix last night, President Trump was back in full-on campaign mode, serving up more red meat than a Texas barbecue joint. He strongly defended his love for all Americans of all backgrounds, and went after the media tooth-and-tong for its attempts to depict him as a racist and KKK sympathizer. He recounted his exact words in response to the violence in Charlottesville and smacked down his critics by name, including dismissing the Washington Post as a lobbying tool for (it’s now owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, a major Trump opponent.) He said there are bad people in the media who don’t like America and are more interested in ratings than the truth, blamed them for stirring up divisions in the country, and mocked them for turning off the cameras as he called them out.

It will be claimed that it’s unpresidential or counter-productive to attack the media so vociferously. But Trump obviously believes that the media are so biased against him that nothing will ever change it, so he might as well not even try to curry their favor. Instead, he’s doing what he did during the campaign: using Twitter and rallies to go around them and take his case directly to the people. You can be skeptical of whether that will work, but as he pointed out last night, he’s living in the White House. That was something the media thought they had the power to prevent.

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Trump’s speech was so long that if you don’t have time for the whole thing, Independent Journal Review has edited some of the highlights by topic. I've broken them out by category here:


Naturally, outside the Trump event, there were protesters. They made their intellectual point that Trump must go by throwing bottles at police, who offered a response involving tear gas canisters. See the video here.


Anchor/opinionator Don Lemon was described as “quietly losing his mind after the Trump rally” (I might argue with both the adverb and the timing mentioned in that description) over Trump’s attacks on his employer, CNN. Trump bashed the media for misrepresenting his comments about Charlottesville to paint him as being soft on white supremacists,which he refuted by reading back his exact statements as part of a timelime. Lemon accused him of attempting to “rewrite history.”

We have reached a strange place in history, indeed, when someone who reads exact quotes in chronological order is accused of rewriting history by a media outlet that makes excuses for people who smash monuments to historical figures they don’t like. Liberals, please make up your mind: is rewriting history a good thing or a bad thing? Or is it only good when you do it?



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See no evil

July 31, 2017

It’s odd how there’s so much fake news that the media jabber on about for hour after hour, while major stories are festering right under their noses and they hardly even notice them. I guess a non-story about an elephant is just a lot more interesting than a real story about a donkey. But the anti-elephant/pro-donkey bias has become so blatant that a lot of people are starting to tally up all the ways in which the right side gets the microscope while the left side gets the blindfold. For instance, totally unproven Russian collusion is worth 24-hour coverage and possibly disastrous sanctions if the suspects are Trump staffers. But what about Vladimir Putin’s deep and well-verified ties to the other side, the one that suddenly became so paranoid about Russia after nearly a century of defending it?


And speaking of alleged collusion and cover-up involving high US elected officials and a foreign nation possibly stealing classified information from Democrats' computers... This story is getting very little media play, even though there’s been one arrest by the FBI, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more. By the way, this is entirely a Democratic Congressional scandal that dates back years, yet somehow, the New York Times finds a way to blame Trump for it.


And if imams are preaching the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews in mosques on American soil, why bother reporting it? Obviously, they didn’t really mean it, even if one of the mosque’s attendees was one of the San Bernardino mass shooters.


But possibly the most sickening of all the “see no evil” stories is the lack of coverage of this one. Telling you about it might harm the narrative that enforcing long-standing immigration laws is heartless. I think that what’s heartless is when a so-called “sanctuary county” releases a criminal illegal alien who has already been deported 20 - yes, 20! - times, only to see him rob, beat and sexually assault a 65-year-old woman in Portland, Oregon. Unlike the perpetrator, the victim had every right to be in America. She also had the right to trust that officials of Multnomah County, whose salaries she pays, would put her right to be safe in her own home above protecting the nonexistent right of multiple deportee, criminal illegal aliens to prey on their own constituents. Sadly, her trust was misplaced.


MSNBC surpasses Fox

July 25, 2017

Last week, MSNBC edged ahead of Fox News for the first time ever, with an average audience of 2.3 million in prime time, while Rachel Maddow’s show was second on cable only to the WWE (let’s face it, pro wrestling is MSNBC's most direct competitor.) This news will be hailed by the media in the same way that Stephen Colbert’s repetitive nightly Trump-bashing fest edging Jimmy Fallon was hailed: as proof of a massive backlash against Republicans and a groundswell of support for progressivism. It’s not. It’s actually kind of sad when you think about it.

In 2008, Democrats owned the White House, the House and the Senate and were certain they would be the dominant power in America for at least the next 40 years, if not forever. Just eight years later, they’d lost about 1100 offices nationwide, as well as Congress and the White House. The only thing they have left is a lot of lawless, activist judges who Trump’s SCOTUS appointees will eventually overturn. And of course, late-night and cable TV, two highly specialized corners of entertainment where having just a few hundred thousand more viewers out of 320 million Americans can make you #1 in your niche. Maddow and Colbert are seeing their ratings spike because leftists who literally have nowhere else left to go are turning to them to continue living in a fantasy world where they’re right about everything and anyone who disagrees is stupid or Hitler.

I’d say to those hosts, “Congratulations, and enjoy it while you can.” Even they are likely to lose their audiences once virtual reality advances to the point where liberals can live 24/7 in an electronic fantasyland where Hillary won, Obamacare works and Colbert is funny again.


Media Listening Tours

July 17, 2017

Thank God it’s Saturday, so we can tune out the news media’s week-long Russia hysteria and dud “bombshells” and share something fun. The Huffington Post has a well-earned reputation as one of the shining examples of liberal elite bubble media outlets. They were so out-of-touch with most of America that they refused even to report on Trump’s campaign except as entertainment, they put a derisive disclaimer on every story about him, and on Election Day, they gave Hillary a 98.1% chance of winning. Naturally, their “reporters” have spent the past few months either raging against an unjust cosmos or curled up in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs in their safe spaces.

But to their credit, HuffPo’s editors finally realized that maybe – just maybe – it’s not good business to be completely clueless about more than half of America. So in the spirit of Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, and a lot of other racist imperialists they despise, they’ve forced some of their Ivy League hothouse reporters onto a bus and sent them on a scientific expedition to 23 red states, to mingle with the savages and try to figure out what makes them tick. They’re calling it the “Listen To America” tour, although it’s questionable just how much listening they’ll really do.

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Of course, they could have saved a lot of time, effort, gas money and embarrassment if they’d just bought my book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” in which I tried to warn media elites how out of touch with “flyover” country they were, nearly a year before the election. But that would’ve required them to actually listen to a rube from Arkansas, so that’s out of question.

Anyway, the truly fun part of this story is that it turns out Red Staters don’t take too kindly to being examined like bugs on a glass slide. The HuffPo bus expedition has sparked an avalanche of hilarious parody tweets, depicting the mysterious and terrifying sights the liberals are seeing (Note to HuffPo: yes, we actually have Twitter between L.A. and the Hudson River. See, you’ve already learned something!)

Click the link and brace for some gut-bustingly hilarious tweets. One warning: this also includes a screen capture of a genuine HuffPo political opinion piece, so be on notice that the headline contains extreme profanity. That’s another thing the reporters will probably be shocked to discover is not standard practice at the Tuscaloosa News.