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Mar 08 2013

TripAdvisor has a new poll near and dear to my heart: the annual survey of air travelers’ top pet peeves. Coming in at number one: cramped, uncomfortable seats. That was followed closely by high ticket prices, obnoxious fellow passengers, and airlines charging extra fees for bags, snacks, seat selection and anything else they can think of. I have to assume the survey was limited to things that happen on the plane, or else the security lines would’ve topped my list.

But there’s good news on that front: this week, the TSA announced that for the first time since 9/11, they’re finally loosening the rules for what people can carry onto planes. To bring the US rules more in line with international carriers, they’ll finally let passengers bring on small pocket knives and certain sports equipment, including hockey sticks, ski poles, whiffle ball bats and golf clubs – and good luck getting those to fit under the seat in front of you. The flight attendants’ union is not happy. They admit that it’s not likely someone would try to hijack a plane by swinging a golf club, but they say some passengers are aggressive enough without letting have any kind of weapon. I can see their point. If I’d stuck someone in a cramped seat next to a crying baby and charged him $5 for a drink, I probably wouldn’t want him to have a Whiffle Ball bat in his hand, either.

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  • Mike Taylor

    03/11/2013 03:18 AM

    The problem with us all is we forget what abject terror is after a few years! If you have ever been in a close call situation of life get all keyed up and for survival sake maintain this keyed up vigil. We need to do this now. The slime of the world is still under foot and only vigilance will keep it at bay. We are in a protracted war of beliefs and nothing will ever change that until we all believe the same way...which will come soon! I can't tell you what the belief will be that unites everyone on the face of this planet...but I know it will come and soon. Until that time keep the wary eye out and keep the guns ready and loaded...We must never let down our guard or it could be my shopping mall or burger king or stadium blowing up. I am a fat rich American and I do not want that to spoil my day. I have ton's of money being taken out to keep others kids going over and killing and being killed in other far off long as we can keep that up life here will remain the same. We need to take more of everything out of every other country and keep our country clean and nice. We need to have all the nice gadgets to make everything pleasant for us here like my outomatic juicer I use in the morning to my hot tub I use to relax after a long day at work. Is it a sin that only a small portion of us live like kings and more than half the planet doesn't? Is that my fault? I have only the best and want only the best and will do what needs to be done to keep only the best around me. That is America's Dream and it has come true for thousands of us for some time now. I know, I know the world hates us...but who cares! Some things are worth having other folks kids fight for. Is this not the way America lives??? Is this not the attitude we give to others?

    I feel horrible living my modern life in America with so much. I feel so guilty knowing that kids from my town are fighting and dying for me today. Am I making the sacrifice they are making worth it today? We do so much to keep our own safe. As a nation we have gone crazy with our own self-preservation while we ask others to risk everything for us out there on a far away battle ground. WE WILL NEVER BE DONE WITH WAR...we never take any ground... we never occupy or change the people by bringing more of our kind into those countries and importing more of those folks into our country. Pakistan will never change until we exchange the people. Take them out of their homeland and place a bunch of us over there. Make it Ameristan and set up our kind of government. That would bring stability to the nation. I think Alexander that great and the Romans did the same wonders. Just a thought...

  • Debbie Shafer

    03/09/2013 08:33 AM

    I have to say, its no longer a pleasure to fly any more, delays, regulations and rediculous pat downs of children and the elderly have turned people off. The decision to allow pocket knives on board is the worst decision ever made by the TSA. So everyone has a knife, a perfect set up for violence.

  • Linda Grinnell

    03/08/2013 03:25 PM

    My pet peeve is that apparently the air onboard is recirculated over and over. I often get sick after I have flown.

  • Sandy Mamere

    03/08/2013 03:20 PM

    As a flight attendant, I have to say I am a bit dismayed that the TSA has made this decision. What could possibly be a reason for a passenger to need a knife onboard? It took years to condition people to the carry-on parameters. Instead of streamlining the security process, they will have someone running around with a ruler to measure 2.36 inches per blade? That sounds more labor intensive than the current procedure! As a crew member, the last thing I want to worry about now is a passenger pulling his Swiss Army blade out to convince the guy in front of him to stop reclining his seat!

  • Dutch Petro

    03/08/2013 02:02 PM

    The last time I flew, the TSA agent considered my keys a weapon, so into the checked baggage they went. Upon arriving in Dallas to change planes,our flight was late, missed connection, and they lost my bag. (Along with 32 others) The attendent made a radio call to check the plane and make sure the luggage had been removed from the plane, I put it in the hold myself, it had been. Looking around at the other people we soon found out we all had bags lost. Counting the people I told the attendant to have someone walk the route between the plane and the unloading point, it was my opinion that a cart was still on the runway, not properly attached to the rest of the trailer. She scoffed at me, told me that I could get a different flight and they would send the bags to my home. Thanks, but you see, I live 90 miles from the airport and my car keys are in that bag. Her retort;"That wasn't very smart!" Mine back, "Well no one ever accused the TSA of having brains." By this time, our conversation was growing in volume and we had moved away from the other passengers to a window overlooking the Tarmac, as I gazed out there below me was a single solitary baggage cart, with my bag right on top. She could not hide both the embarrassment or the shame as her supervisor approached and asked me what the problem was. All I did was point out the window, and in a voice that everyone in the room could here, said "You left our baggage on the runway in the rain, please go get it, we will wait right here." What ensued was near mayhem as everyone in the room rushed to the window to see. Pet peeves? Yeah Gov. I got a few.

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