Reactions are still rolling in to Hillary Clinton’s Congressional testimony Wednesday on the deadly September 11th attack in Benghazi. Those who think the State Department’s failure to provide security to our diplomats was criminal negligence saw it as a histrionic show that didn’t answer any major questions. And they found Mrs. Clinton’s claims that she accepted full responsibility to be hollow, since it came with no consequences, either for her or any other top State Department officials. Meanwhile, her defenders in the media hailed her testimony as tough, moving and masterful. They no doubt consider the issue closed now, and are relieved that she can move on to running for President and never be asked about it again.

There are only two quotes that are likely to live on past this week: First, Sen Rand Paul telling Sec. Clinton that if this had happened when he was President, she would’ve lost her job. That will resurface if he runs for President. The second was when Mrs. Clinton was pressed on the confusion over whether it was a mob uprising or a terrorist attack, and she snapped, “What difference…does it make?” The difference is that her department should have been prepared for a terrorist attack. Because they failed so completely, despite months of warnings, four Americans are dead. That’s what those hearings should have been about: not theatrics, point-scoring or political viability. But about the four people who died because of preventable, inexcusable incompetence.

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  • Chance Caskey

    02/27/2013 03:22 PM

    Sir, in the late 1970's before I was born, america was indeed in a time of crisis. Gas was in short supply...wars and rumors of wars were being beamed into every home on the nightly news...America saw what it had become and it elected one of our greatest presidents, Mr. Ronald Reagin to lead us out of strife and into prosperity...moral and economic prosperity..I try not to compare people to people, but I do see a lot of what he stood for in you. Also, I strongly believe that you should run for president in the next election...We, the people need someone with a moral compass like yours to lead our nation..its not up to you to get us out of what we got ourselves into, but we need a leader, not a dogmatic political organizer from Chicago..sir, I offer you the challenge of presidential you accept? If you do, then your name will be on my ballot.

  • Arnold Regardie

    02/25/2013 09:02 PM

    In all the attention swirling around Hillary's congressional testimony, the fact thast she lied during her presidential bid about landing under sniper fire on the tarmac in Iraq should not be forgotten. If she lied about one thing,she can lie about everything.

  • Bruce Atkinson

    02/07/2013 02:12 PM

    Mr. A swami, I assure you, it is not only Republicans that are upset with Ms. Clinton's performance. It was one for the ages! She said, "I accept responsibility for Benghazi." What a liar! She feigned exhaustion, the flu, a fall, then a concussion, and finally a blood clot, to avoid testifying! And the MSM gave her and Barry a free pass! As long as the truth is kept covered up, we all lose.

  • Sandra Gilhousen

    02/02/2013 08:22 PM

    The representatives of the people FAILED to ask the questions of concern. McCain was absolutely making a political speech and a disgrace to republicans in this hearing!!!! What happened to the republican responsibility for transparency and truth!!!

  • Clarence Mette

    02/01/2013 12:23 PM

    Of course, Dept of State and our def dept should have been ready to react and better prepared. Ultimately Sec State is responsible. But so is POTUs and we should know what POTUS knew at the time and whether as many suspect he told his subordinates to stand down. The fight in Bengazhi went on too long and Military assets could easily have (armed planes) could have flown to Algeria and made a difference.

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