President Obama is too busy shaking down fat cat donors as a combination of Boss Hogg and Daddy Warbucks for the Democrat party than taking care of his day job that he has no interest in actually doing. His AWOL status combined with his passive indifference to a world in crisis makes his leadership model the combination of Nero and Neville Chamberlain—he fiddles (and golfs) while the world burns, and seeks to appease the enemies of freedom instead of challenging them. In Israel’s fight for survival, his administration’s policy is embarrassing. It attempts to equate a terror group’s intentional targeting of civilians with a legitimate government seeking to defend its civilians and protect its children. The deaths of both Israelis and innocents in Gaza are tragic, but to equate Israel’s defense of itself with the aggressive, inhuman, and savage acts of Hamas is as ridiculous as if Franklin Roosevelt would have said to the Brits and the Nazis that they both were about the same. 41 years ago this month, I made my first trip to the Middle East. I tried to be sympathetic to the Arab sentiments about Israel and wanted to believe that everyone wanted peace. Several wars, 2 intifadas, thousands of terrorist acts and suicide bombings, the disastrous Oslo accords, the repeated rejections of any peace agreement by the Palestinians despite the give away of massive amounts of land by the Israelis made me realize that radical Islam wants annihilation of Israel. The very charter documents of Hamas and other terror groups openly state—they don’t want peace for their children; they want death to the Israeli children. Israel has done more than any nation, including the United States, to avoid the killing of civilians by going to unprecedented lengths to warn residents of Gaza of impending attacks through phone calls, leaflets, and text messages. Israel isn’t trying to take 1 inch of Gaza back—they just want Hamas to stop firing rockets into their neighborhoods. Do they get credit for that? Are they acknowledged for building field hospitals to treat Palestinian victims near the Gaza border? Are they thanked for not celebrating the deaths of children? No. Meanwhile John Kerry that is intended for assistance for civilians, but will be used to buy more weapons and rockets offers the psychopathic killers of Hamas $47 million dollars of your money. The vast network of tunnels under Gaza and into Israel aren’t for a subway system, but as the means of murdering more Israelis. The UN should demand that Hamas stop firing rockets and unilaterally disarm and fill in the tunnels, but they won’t. When it was discovered that a UN relief facility was actually housing Hamas rockets, the UN at first expressed outrage, and then gave the rockets back to Hamas so they can kill more Jews. The UN shouldn’t get another dime of American money. What defenders of the murderers and terrorists of Hamas fail to get is that the same people who hate Israel and who enjoy the deaths of Jewish children also hate America, and are merely practicing on Israel what they hope to do to us. If Americans, and especially our naïve President and his clown car cabinet don’t know that, then we’re in more danger than we’ve ever been in.

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