Time To Pivot Obama

Aug 05 2013

We usually look at unemployment rates on a national level or state-by-state. But the Labor Department just released some new numbers showing that on a city-by-city basis, June was a bad month for jobs.The unemployment rate fell in 12 of America’s largest cities, stayed the same in 13, and rose in 347. Most of the blame for that was laid on college students graduating and joining the work force, or university workers being laid off for the summer. But I imagine that Obamacare drawing closer isn’t helping. If you’re looking for work, the city with the lowest unemployment rate is Bismarck, North Dakota, at just 2.8 percent. The worst is Yuma, Arizona, where lots of migrant farm workers have pushed the jobless rate to a staggering 31.8 percent. And among major cities, the lowest unemployment rate, surprisingly, isn’t in Dallas or Houston. It’s Minneapolis, at 5.1 percent. The city with the highest unemployment rate? No surprise: 10.3 percent, in Detroit. 

Fortunately, this news came just as President Obama was making one of his periodic pivots to jobs and the economy. His pivots come along about as often as Hollywood awards shows or sales at Macy’s. Luckily, he knows what the problem is: not enough people are working for the government. Obama said if only the number of state, local and federal workers was growing the way it did in previous recessions, then the unemployment rate would be a full point lower. Plus, the economy would be better off and the deficit would be going down, because we’d be getting tax revenue from all those government paychecks. I’m tempted to point out that tax revenue from a government worker’s paycheck is only a fraction of the money that the government pays the worker in the first place. In fact, that’s kind of where deficits come from. But these pivots usually don’t last long enough to be worth arguing over. So I’ll just pivot to the next story.

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  • wilbert dupre

    08/06/2013 01:07 AM

    I wonder how our president would feel to be without a job,with him taking all of those expencive vacations,I,m sure things would be a lot different at his house.I don,t think too much about him,when I hear about people losing their jobs ,or homes,and we are in debt over our heads,and he is spending money we don,t have.I,m sure he doesn,t have any problem sleeping at night,like a lot of people not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

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