Take A Cab

Jul 29 2013

Our more progressive cities are pushing residents to ride bicycles instead of driving cars.  They say it’s healthier.  But that doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous.  According to the San Francisco district attorney, 37-year-old Chris Bucchere ran at least two stop signs on his bike before he ran a red light at a busy intersection and plowed into a group of pedestrians crossing the street.  One of them was hospitalized.  Prosecutors said Buchere’s social media posts showed that he was more concerned about breaking his helmet than about the victim.  But maybe he’ll learn to care the hard way.  That pedestrian, a 71-year-old man, later died.  And now, Bucchere has made cycling history.  He just became the first bicyclist in the entire history of the United States to be convicted of felony vehicular manslaughter.  His punishment under a plea deal:  probation and a thousand hours of community service.  I’d say if he wants to do the community a service, take a cab.  

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