The question most often presented in light of the crisis in Crimea is, “What should the President do?” Let me be so bold as to say that it’s the wrong question. The question is, “What should the President have been doing the past 5 years to avoid this Gordian knot?” Vladimir Putin didn’t just wake up one morning and impulsively order thousands of his elite airborne soldiers to drop in on Crimea to have a look-see at the port. He made a calculated gamble that the Barak Obama who fumbled the ball in Syria worse than Peyton Manning’s opening snap in the Super Bowl, and who turned his red line into a red face; who botched what once was a reliable Egyptian ally into the arms of a waiting Putin; the Barak Obama who boasted of flexibility with former President Medvedev after the election, but whose only flexibility seems to be with the truth; the President Obama who relaxed sanctions on Iran and got face-slapped by the Iranians who danced in the streets for getting what they wanted and giving nothing in return; the Obama who treats Israel like a disease and the Palestinians like a cure; The Obama who left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and awkwardly tried to blame an amateur video; and the Obama who just announced massive cuts to the military…yes THAT Barak Obama is a person who is not respected and certainly not feared by Putin, so when Putin had the excuse of protecting his interests in a warm water seaport and storm into Crimea, he knew that there was no one to stop him. If Putin shivered, it was only because he was going shirtless on a cold Russian day—not because he feared anything Obama could do to him. And those who wonder why the Europeans are so very quiet is because Putin has his boot and their necks by way of his hand being on their thermostats. They might like the idea of Ukranian freedom, but not as much as they love the warmth of their homes fueled by Russian oil and gas. Had America been turning on its own spigots of energy, Europe could have purchased energy from us, but we have a President who doesn’t like oil…or gas…or coal…or nuclear energy…he opts for green energy, which is great except that no one has figured out how to make it profitable or affordable just yet. As for fear that America would use its military to force Putin to stand down his, we’ve worn our out in repeated deployments in Afghanistan, and are cutting back on what’s left of it so we’ll have the smallest military since pre-World War 2. You really can’t shoot when you’ve unloaded your gun. No other nation trusts us, listens to us, respects us, or fears us. We’ve become the Shakiest Gun in the West….and President Obama is playing the role of Don Knotts. Or maybe he is reprising another Don Knotts character—that of Deputy Barney Fife who kept one bullet in his shirt pocket. But then again, Barney at least had the one bullet. Putin doesn’t have a shirt, and we don’t have a bullet in the pocket of ours.

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    03/12/2014 06:54 PM

    HOW TO HELP UKRAINE: If things go bad and we do the usual hula hoop in-your-face tactics, then we should consider the following options:
    1. Agree to send Ukraine U.S. Ships that have been mothballed (build-up their navy in Odessa)
    2. Agree to send Ukraine U.S. airplanes mothballed in Arizona (maybe even the A-10s we're trying to get rid of (ANTI-TANK))
    3. Beef-up Ukraine Commo systems (jammers) to confuse Russian Troops when the attack Ukraine

    THOUGH: If we just do one thing, jammers and giving the Ukrainians the ability to confuse Russian Troops in combat may give them en edge (2 to 1 ratio against Ukraine). They may even be able to order troops to wrong areas. If we just allow Ukrainians to defend themselves its about 60/40 for the Russians (we could give them the ability to be at least 50/50 in the event of invasion.

  • gene kimball

    03/11/2014 08:53 PM

    Mike I love your show on Fox. I agree with you on your conservative view and that is why I will support your run for President. There have not been more conservative people in my lifetime ( 73 ) other than Ronald Reagan, please run. Thanks, Gene


    03/11/2014 03:12 PM

    Kyiv Post is saying they have captured a "Russian" saboteur in the Donetsk region who was setting up cells of saboteurs to give Russian a pretext to invade (today's report). Standard Soviet tactics included "Agents" whose job was to destabilize the enemy in their rear areas. Previously the post reported that there were 30 thousand Russian troops in Crimea. Old Soviet Divisions had 12 thousand, so based on this report there are at least 2 Russian Division in the Ukraine. Why do they need that many forces (NOTE: previous there were never this many local forces to make-up such numbers). I believe the Drudge Report is reporting possible Crimean forces going North past the Crimean Border. ESTIMATE: Russian need at least 2 Divisions to go into Ukraine Proper from the South, they would then have at least 2 other "Prongs" North & West who are preparing to invade Eastern Ukraine. Once they have control of those area they will pause then go on to get the rest of the Ukraine based on their own provocative actions in Western Ukraine.

  • Robert Ross

    03/10/2014 09:23 PM

    Really? Try this on for size...invade Ukraine place a base with missiles. Chase the Russian destroyer out of Cuba. Put a missile shield on American land in Cuba. Start a Naval exercise near the Iranian ships near the US and hit them with every electronic type of interference tech. Give our active duty personnel a 100% raise. Bring back the OLD G.I. bill. Cut regs and executive orders. Give out a tax rebate to everyone equal to taxes paid by each person over the last 30 years. Dump the EPA...IRS...and tariff all imports to this country. And hire me as a consultant when YOU are placed by God to run this Country. LMAO

  • Mary A. Ferris

    03/10/2014 08:20 PM

    Who really knows what lurks in the mind of the president of our country - for the present and the future? Sad for those of us who have lived (starting in our youth) through WWII and wars to follow to find that our country no longer has its positive position in the world in which we live. And, what of the future of generations to home?..S A D!

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