Would you trust Washington with a credit card that has no limit?...Those Congressional battles over raising the debt ceiling aren’t the best way to instill confidence in America. But both parties think they have a solution. On the Republican side is a proposal to break impasses by raising the debt ceiling for a limited period, then if negotiations fall through, there would be an automatic one percent cut in spending. Senate Democrats have a counter-proposal: no spending cuts, and do away with the debt limit entirely. The plan by Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer and Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono would give the President power to authorize endless federal borrowing, unless a veto-proof supermajority of Congress voted to stop him. I have two questions about that: wouldn’t giving the President power to run up unlimited debt violate what’s left of the Constitution, which puts budget-writing power squarely in the House, the branch closest to the voters? And my second question: how do I get Visa to offer me that same deal? And this is the HR.

By the way, if you’re wondering what all of those increases in the debt ceiling mean to you, the folks who run the National Debt Clock have worked up the numbers. There’s the $17 trillion national debt, plus all the government’s longterm unfunded liabilities, like $16.6 trillion for Social Security, $87.6 trillion for Medicare, and another $22 trillion for the Medicare prescription drug benefit. They calculate the total for all the government’s unfunded liabilities at $126 trillion. That works out to $1.1 million for each American taxpayer. The good news is, you don’t have to pay it all at once. You can just be like the government, and go on living as if it never has to be paid at all.

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  • Linda St. Amand

    10/15/2014 11:37 AM

    Here comes the race card (Nov elections around the bend, so lets blame EBOLA).

    Jesse Jackson Claims Racism: "Why is Black EBOLA Patient the only one"

    Google: Late Term Abortionist, Kermit Gosnell Trial -

    Evil black man displays DEAD BLACK baby body parts in jars on one side of the aisle

    and DEAD WHITE BABY body parts on the other side of the aisle.

    I wish Rev. Jesse Jackson went ballistic over the Gosnell Trail:

    Imagine the Government supposed to protect us from Ebola, ISIS couldn't

    protect: (1) Murdered woman and (3) Tortured born alive infants.

    *Rev. Jesse Jackson who dissents from the "Born Alive Act Legislation?" Ebola?

    without MIND OR HEART what does that say about US????

    ISIS pick and choosing beheading's of> white journalist's? White American soldier's???

    The most horrific abortionist case in USA history. Kermit Gosnell found guilty
    for the murder of (1) woman (3) infants. This story did not make headlines or
    hardly any mainstream media journalist's showed up at the Gosnell Trial.
    Actually I didn't see Rev. Jesse Jackson at the Gosnell Trial either.

    Rev. Jesse Jackson the news report: Kermit Gosnell operated his abortion clinic
    for a decade under the Government umbrella that is supposed to protect
    women and children.

    Now EBOLA a contagion picks on black's?? What did Gosnell pick on?
    Last we read Gosnell had shelves of jars containing dead Black baby parts on
    one side of the aisle and dead white baby parts on the otherside. hm..

    and Gosnell said his infant victim weighed in at 10 pounds and the infant could have

    walked to the bus stop.
    *Google: Gosnell Trial: BEWARE ! HORRIFIC !!

    You don't want to get me started Rev. Jesse Jackson, but since elections are
    around the bend lets have at it:

    EBOLA contagion without MIND or HEART:

    *Rev. Jesse Jackson radical Pro-Choice Legislation is on your table:

    A. Unborn Victim's Protection Act - LAW in 29 states including California,

    named after Laci Peterson and unborn son, Connor.
    (Scott Peterson found guilty for the murder of wife, Laci and his unborn son, CONNOR)

    (Gosnell found guilty of murder) >>

    The Human Pile- In Memory of Gosnell's Victims
    Poetry Written by Linda St. Amand
    Copyright 2013

    Ebola contagion without MIND OR HEART -
    Rev. Jesse Jackson Radical Pro-Choice Legislation is on your table.

    Have WE NO COMPASSION for one woman and three tortured born alive infants?
    Who dissents from saving born alive infants in Legislation??

    President Obama gives US - Eloquent speeches

    Dignity of Human Life -NOT MURDER?
    at the UN ?? and those speeches don't amount to a hill of bean's.

    The Human Pile does not make Gandi Smile-
    See cancer and Ebola diseases
    Tell your young girls WAR makes the
    human heart regress..
    but a child is a choice none the less...

    Ebola without mind or heart
    what does that say about US???

    Infanticide in America, Beheadings in the Middle East

    EBOLA racist???

    In Memory of Gosnell's little tortured victim's.

  • Linda St. Amand

    10/14/2014 12:40 PM

    Subject: Fwd: "Wake Up Beloved, Wake up" Raw Judicial Power, "Abortion & the Conscience of the NATION" RONALD REAGAN - copyright 1983


    WAKE UP beloved. wake up. Raw Judicial Power, "Abortion & the Conscience of the
    Nation" Author Ronald Reagan, copyright 1983.

    The sanctoral in the liturgical year.
    1172 In celebrating this annual cycle of the mysteries of Christ, Holy Church honors
    the Blessed Mary, Mother of God, with a special love. (Mary is honored) not worshipped.

    She is inseparably linked with the saving work of her Son. In her the Church admires
    and exalts the most excellent fruit of redemption and joyfully contemplates, as in a faultless image,

    that which she herself desires and hopes wholly to be.
    Catechism of the Catholic Church 1983 Canon Law Society.

    Abortion & the Conscience of the Nation" Author President Ronald Reagan
    copyright 1983.

    Our President Ronald Reagan wrote compassionate journal's and told his reader's about "infanticide"

    the progress of infanticide in the 21st Century has lead our nation to re-examine the Gosnell Trial,

    the most horrific abortion case in U.S.A. history.

    Roe became law in 1973.

    We as a nation are divided beyond reach.

    The first abortion case after Roe became law was the starvation of a handicapped child.

    Baby Blooming-dale Starved in a hospital- "death penalty" was already issued in Roe.

    Footnote: Abortion & Conscience of the Nation

    **Today we get to pick and chose** as advanced technology brought us the technology

    which determines a child's fate.

    America we are divided.

    We are driven and fooled and lead by the nose, manipulated by the press, & politician's.

    The fight between our parties keeps our attention away from the truth.

    We are NOT focused and our country is heading into the slippery slope guided by

    the power of the EO pen and "raw judicial power"

    In 1973 "raw judicial power" redefines the "Sanctity of Human Life" in 2014 soon
    maybe also the Supreme Court will redefine Traditional Marriage

    **which a Senator was for Traditional Marriage in Audacity of Hope-***

    Senator Barack H. Obama.

    In his book Audacity, Senator Obama was committed to the sacredness of marriage;
    a sacred union between one man and one woman, yes, SACRED Marriage and GOD was in the MIX.

    *By now America you heard the news*

    We had baby Blooming-dale, Indianna starved in a hospital after Roe- 1973.

    Are babies expendable? We have fought wrong war's?

    If we lost the right war's it was not the fight but politics at home.

    Soldier, Mark Daily reminds us of the worth of a human life in Iraq.
    Mark Daily died serving his country when the most vulnerable victim's were ruled by a
    evil "dictator i.e. dictatorship's: " Vietnam, Iraq, we honor those who fought for FREEDOM.

    But are babies expendable? are our soldier's expendable?? I say NO.

    In the 21 Century globally we have Gender abortion. Genocide.

    Which Reagan speaks of Genocide in "Abortion & the Conscience of the Nation"


    We have the worst abortion case in U.S.A. history :

    Google the Gosnell Trial. & Beware !!

    (What this evil man did to newborn children is unimaginable in our America).

    "Raw Judicial Power" gave us GOSNELL.

    President Reagan we have allowed infanticide through on radical Pro-Choice Legislation.

    Current News:

    President Obama speaks at the UN on the


    Senator Obama told Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest California
    Senator Obama said, 'Abortion was above his paygrade" yet President Obama's first
    historic EO was the lifting of the Mexico City Overseas Abortion BAN.

    Footnote: OC Register Newspaper, CA 2009.

    What were President Obama's words per Orange County Register Newspaper report in 2009??

    OC Register Newspaper, CA: Associate Press:

    *President Obama signs his first historic EO

    statement made by President Obama: "Let us put an end to this political football"

    Far cry from the 2014 UN speech: The Dignity of Human Life-NOT MURDER.

    Caller-Times Newspaper, TX Reports:

    2014: Current news: **Supreme Court favors Hobby Lobby**

    President Obama's Administration thumb-pressed the HHS Mandate on America's
    Health Care System in ACA. Yet in 2010 another Obama EO was signed and WE, citizen's
    were promised Strict abortion limits in ACA.
    Footnote: *Orange County Register Newspaper, March 23, CA 2010

    States have followed through on "strict abortion limits" yet an unknown, Democrat,

    Senator Windy Davis (running for Governor of Texas)

    held up Texas Legislator's on the very "strict abortion Legislation limits" as per acknowledged above;
    Texas state: Abortionist's should be registered in hospital's within the general area of the abortion

    *Google: The Texas abortion legislative laws regarding above-for argument sake.

    Gosnell i.e. (late term abortionist) operated for a decade under the Government
    umbrella that is supposed to protect women and children.
    Google: *Gosnell was found guilty for the murder of (1) woman and (3) newborn infant's.

    OC Register Newspaper 2008-2014 California.
    Download Syllabus : Chief Justice Samuel Alito Jr. strong opinion 5-4
    favors Hobby Lobby against HHS Mandate:

    Burwell, Secretary of Health & Human Services, ET AL. v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. ET AL.

    Abortion & and the Conscience of the Nation- "raw judicial power"
    author Ronald Reagan copyright 1973.

    Infanticide in America. Beheading's in the middle east,

    May God Bless innocent victim's. May God Bless America.

  • Linda St. Amand

    10/07/2014 12:23 PM

    YEP: what were those things late term abortionist, Gosnell stuck into his newborn victims, "snake Fang's???"

    So Fox News what were those things late term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell stuck into his newborn victim's

    "Snake Fang's?" Google: Late term abortionist, under umbrella of government for

    two decades operates his abortion clinic. Google: Gosnell "court examination of the FACTS>the most horrific

    abortionist case in U.S.A. history. WARNING: HORRIFIC!!!!

    wait, now... Nancy Pelosi came on comedian, Jon Stewart's program. As Jon
    interviewed Nancy Pelosi, Jon Stewart asked Ms. Nancy Pelosi, "What happened
    to the government healthcare website (ACA) ON DAY ONE ??"

    I think Obama thinks we aren't paying attention or visiting comedian Jon Stewart's
    program. When Jon Stewart is funny... he is a card !! And when Nancy Pelosi
    answered Jon Stewart with "I don't know what happened to the ACA Website"
    and laughed it off...

    Jon Stewart..wanted to shrink under his desk- which would be hilarious if it were
    not for the fact that taxpayer's funding to the tune of 2 billion were wasted on
    a project that took the government three years to develop under the healthcare
    department. Fast forward: March 23, 2010. OC Register Newspaper, President
    Obama signs EO: Limits abortion funding in ACA.

    That Hobby Lobby had to sue the Obama Admins. Burdell v Hobby Lobby Services, Inc
    was incredulous. But that is how President Obama plays the game: Wasting your
    taxes as Pelosi laughs it off on Jon Stewart.

    Just received our healthcare insurance plan cancellation. Now I will ask what state
    healthcare insurance exchanges provide abortion, abortifacients drugs - BECAUSE

    Google: Gosnell Trial 2013/14

    President Obama signs EO: Limits abortion Federal funding in ACA.

    OC Register Newspaper, CA 2010

    Supreme Court favors HOBBY LOBBY> 5-4 Burdell vs Hobby Lobby, Services, Inc.

    Employer's do not have to pay for abortion i.e. drugs in ACA.

    Caller-Times, Texas 2014.

    Ms. Linda St. Amand

    Caller Times Customer -Texas.

    I didn't vote for him

    fwd for an informative America...

  • Ann Duff

    07/12/2014 08:34 PM

    Peaceful demonstrations are needed to oppose the many illegal actions of the Obama administrations.
    Would you call for such demonstrations not only in Washington but in state capitols around the nation?

    Wouldn't it be impossible for the press to ignore such demonstrations?

  • V. Ruth Pinney

    11/05/2013 07:27 AM

    Please read The Freedom Plan. I went back at 58 to be a PA to help the veterans coming back from the wars with PTSD. Now OBAMADon'tCare is threatening our health.
    V. Ruth Pinney

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