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  • Keith H. Morse

    10/28/2013 04:22 PM

    Clear the Log Jamb…Let the People Speak!

    Looming on the horizon of our nation is a level of fear, uncertainty and doubt unparalleled in this nation. There is ample evidence that discord and disharmony abound on the subject of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Too many of our elected officials neglected their responsibilities in this area. Many have admitted failing to read the bill before casting a supportive ballot. The Supreme Court has also taken a subjective stance in rendering a decision about the legality of the Act.

    It was Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth President of the United States who succinctly said we are “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” The constant bombardment by the media on this subject reveals that this is not where we as a nation stand today. We stand dangerously divided!

    Since the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) level is so high among most citizens in the United States why not take the matter to all of the electorate and let them decide whether they want the Affordable Healthcare Act as signed into law or wish to have it revoked? Why not let them cast their vote?

    Any future attempt at legislating a healthcare system administered by the Federal Government would be much better thought out and aligned with the intent and desires of the citizens because of attention already brought to this subject.

    By allowing the voice of all citizens to speak on this subject would be uniting rather than dividing the citizens of this Great nation. Each individual citizen would have the opportunity to have his or her say apply to such an important decision.

    This approach could be embraced as a non-partisan approach by both Democrats and Republicans and both parties would bring a harmonious “win/win” approach to a most troubling issue by supporting this position.

    Let’s make “an informed decision” and act as the people desire!

  • Judy Cash

    10/27/2013 07:22 PM

    Please run for president. You would have two votes from this home. I am VERY afraid for our Country. The Dems do not seam to understand what they are doing to us. Judy

  • peggy yeager

    10/18/2013 10:23 AM

    give me just 1/3 of that amount and I could pay off our house, help out our kids a little AND stay home to take care of my husband (fully disabled in a wheelchair) instead of working!

  • carolyn harper

    10/17/2013 05:47 PM

    I would like to wake up with that in my bank account I would put it to work.

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