A personal farewell to Great Britain’s Iron Lady, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She stands beside Ronald Reagan, not just as two towering figures of the 20th century, but as political soul-mates. In those pre-politically correct times, Reagan called her “the best man in England." They deflected vicious attacks by both enemies and alleged allies, fought for conservative policies that revived their nations’ broken economies, and together helped bring about the end of the Cold War. A few years ago, it was my distinct honor to have dinner with Lady Thatcher and to introduce her at a speech she gave at Harding University in Searcy, AR. It remains one of the great honors of my life and the photos with her are cherished treasures.

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  • Tenzin

    11/14/2013 08:09 PM

    Okay, I couldn't see it until they alclauty flipped the picture. Not only did I understand the illusion, but... my GOD! That's not just strange, it's disturbing. I'm psychologically scarred now. Thanks a bunch Mrs. Thatcher!

  • Bryan Roff

    04/21/2013 06:17 PM

    Thank God for the men and women in the senate that are defending the constitution. It is on a very slippery slope right now. God please help us.


    04/15/2013 03:02 PM

    unfortunately the time or generation, when persons like this were treated with honor and treasured for their values, seem to be gone !we may be more educated in the current era....but it doesn't seem to make society any smarter!

  • David Loppnow

    04/08/2013 06:07 PM

    What a great honor to have known Margaret Thatcher. I would like to see the pictures with you and Margaret. Can you post them on this website?

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