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    12/14/2013 09:27 PM

    How about the over the 13 million people "murdered" by Stalin in the 1930's in Ukraine by artificial feline ??? Can you search and report?
    Bohdan Kernytsky

  • Laura Langhoff

    12/07/2013 08:33 PM

    I just watched the segment on Common Core education standards and as a high school math teacher I can tell you that having standards is not the problem. I have very high standards for my class and fortunately have a principal who stands behind me.

    The problem is not in having standards it's in tying standards to a teacher's job. If you do that in any way the teachers will teach to the test. Period. I have 10th and 11th grade students who cannot do elementary level mathematics so now I should be fired because they can't do math at their level?

    Another problem is that we're told we can't fail anybody so when I have students in 11th grade it suddenly becomes my job to teach them the math they didn't learn for the past 6 years???

    Graduate standards tests should be given in 6th grade. If you can't pass those you stay in elementary school. You can also be evaluated for a learning disability but most kids don't have one. They've become lazy and parents contribute to the problem.

    Your 5 minute segment in no way addresses the real issues. While I appreciate the young man's speech (and saw it on Facebook) asking him to solve the nation's education problems is like asking a college student if they're ready for the work force. How would they know?

  • Chuck Levner

    12/07/2013 08:20 PM

    I am watching your show on Common Core. I would suggest that you invite someone from the Glasser Institute to your show to speak about William Glasser's views on education, articulated so well in his books "Schools W/O Failure" and "The Quality School".

  • Jane Riley

    12/07/2013 09:00 AM

    Dear Mike,
    I just finished reading your book,
    "A Simple Christmas". : )
    I believe I am but a few years younger
    than yourself & could relate to the
    events of the times with the same
    warm hearted, down to earth, honest
    humor interjected in your writing.
    An honest, caring, once politician who
    truly has a heart for God & has not lost
    sight of what's important in this
    life. Hmmm. That's a miracle in itself!
    I see this book was first published in
    2009 so I guess I'm a little behind the
    times, ha ha however, being a little older
    now I think I may have enjoyed it more
    now then I would have in 2009.
    Gods timing you know, not ours.
    Thank you! I look forward to reading
    the other books you have written.
    Have a very Blessed & Joyous
    Jane Riley

  • Robert Puzell

    12/03/2013 03:10 PM

    Obama is quickly overtaking P.T.Barnum as the king of offering the public the biggest snow job on earth.

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